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Oprah Experience Not Perfect, But Still Great

Share Your Story: My 'Oprah Winfrey Show' Experience

By Bettie Minefee

How Long it Took to Get Tickets

My complaint was I never saw any disabled people on the show. I had a stroke in '06 and I was on the show before that but watched her show faithfully. all the people who is on disability never got meals, canes, wheelchairs or nothing to make them happy I wish she could do one show to show us she cared about us! I like her show,but we can still walk and get around. Thanks for your years here!

What It Was Like to be In the Audience

The audience was great!!! We had a great time! The people who had on colors was focused on more. The break was good and the machines was inexpensive. My complaint was no disable people was on the show or in the audience.I had a stroke in 06 and have watched all her shows I wish she would do one positive show about people who can function who are disable. I can't remember what year I was on the show,but it was before my stroke. I was there with my sister and mom. It was very professional. We were at the old stage before they remodeled. It was great


  • Keep calling to see if someone cancel or they are doing a story that relates to you. Go down and stand in line and you might get lucky because they do two shows daily

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