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Stephen Colbert is the new host of the ‘Late Show’

Thursday April 10, 2014

Stop guessing who will succeed David Letterman as host of the Late Show. CBS already decided.

Stephen Colbert is the next host of CBS's late night talk show. The network made the announcement earlier today. Colbert signed a five-year deal to host the show.

Fans of Colbert's The Colbert Report won't see the host's character make the transition. Colbert told The New York Times' Bill Carter that he will host the show as himself.

No word on when Colbert will join CBS. That announcement will depend on when Letterman sets his retirement date. Letterman announced his intention to retire from the program sometime in 2015 on April 3.

"Simply being a guest on David Letterman's show has been a highlight of my career," Colbert said via news release. "I never dreamed that I would follow in his footsteps, though everyone in late night follows Dave's lead. I'm thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth."

Colbert has Letterman's support, saying via statement, "I'm very excited for him, and I'm flattered that CBS chose him. I also happen to know they wanted another guy with glasses." Letterman also said Colbert has been a real friend.

It also looks like The Colbert Report will end when the host makes the move to CBS. "We look forward to the next eight months of the ground-breaking Colbert Report and wish Stephen the very best," the cable network said via statement.

No word yet on who might follow Jon Stewart and The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Our hope is they find someone with the same passion, wit and intelligence as Colbert. We'd cross our fingers and hope for John Oliver - but he's got his own talk show.


May 16 Final ‘View’ for Barbara Walters

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Host and co-creator of The View, Barbara Walters, announced Monday that May 16 will mark her final appearance on the daytime talk show. Walters announced her intention to retire nearly a year ago in May 2013.

Walters departure leaves a second hole in the rotating cast at The View. Hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar left the show in 2013. Jenny McCarthy filled one of those spots. Guests hosts have filled in the gap since.

The show wants to fill one of those seats with a conservative voice, according to Walters in an interview with Hollywood Life. A male host might fill the other spot.

Hiring a man on a show that has always been about a woman's viewpoint would certainly shake things up. But a glance at the cadre of male guest hosts in recent months was an early clue that the show was leaning in this direction.

David Letterman Announces Retirement

Friday April 4, 2014

David Letterman, undisputed king of late night television, announced his retirement Thursday evening on the Late Show. The only detail we know is that Letterman's last show will be sometime during the 2015-2016 season.

In typical Dave fashion, Letterman wrapped his announcement in between a host of jokes. Audience members, it seemed, weren't sure at first if the announcement was true. Once Letterman made it clear that the news was real, he finished with a stinger: "What this means now is that Paul and I can be married."

Letterman has hosted in late night for more than 30 years. When he retires, his stint in late night will be a record.

Letterman expanded on his retirement in a statement released after taping Thursday's episode: "The man who owns this network, Leslie Moonves, he and I have had a relationship for years and years and years, and we have had this conversation in the past, and we agreed that we would work together on this circumstance and the timing of this circumstance.   And I phoned him just before the program, and I said 'Leslie, it's been great, you've been great, and the network has been great, but I'm retiring.'"

When Letterman signed a one-year extension on his current contract in 2013, you could tell something was up - enough so that we predicted in December 2013 that Letterman would announce his retirement this year.

"After surpassing Johnny Carson's record for longest tenured late night talk show host in the U.S. next year, Letterman will announce his retirement from the Late Show after the 2015 -2016 season, we wrote. "That's our guess anyway. Fallon and Kimmel's dominance in late night - along with their reverence for Late Show, Late Night, Carson and Letterman - will be enough for Letterman to feel as though he can pass the torch. The real question will be: who will he pass the torch to? It's anyone's guess. Craig Ferguson? Maybe. His sensibilities match Fallon and Kimmel's. But it could be anyone."

So, is it okay to say, "Nailed it"?


Vote for Your Favorite Talk Show Host – Daytime!

Monday March 31, 2014

We continue our reader poll for the 2014 Favorite Talk Show awards with Favorite Talk Show Host - Daytime.

Who will it be? From now until midnight EST on April 15, your vote will count. After midnight, April 15, you can still vote, but your vote won't be included in the final tally. Let the voting begin!

*Editor's Note: Due to tool constraints, each poll will include no more than 10 choices

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