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Talk Show Tickets: Top 5 Easiest to Get


Talk show tickets are absolutely free - but they're not always easy to get. If you're hoping to be part of a live studio audience and it doesn't really matter who you see, then we've got a list for you. Here are the Top 5 Easiest to Get Talk Show Tickets.

1. Jimmy Kimmel Live!

ABC 2004 Winter Press Tour
Frederick M. Brown / Stringer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Jimmy Kimmel Live is quickly gaining popularity and is becoming one of the more difficult tickets to secure. But if you play your cards right - and you don't go during sweeps, the Oscars or the NBA Finals (when Kimmel does a lot of special shows), then you can probably get in to see Kimmel.

2. Jerry Springer

Springer's heyday has come and gone, so if you're planning to be in Stamford, Conn., where The Jerry Springer Show tapes, then there's a good chance you could take a seat in Springer's studio. Follow the link above, fill out the form, and you'll find yourself with tickets to the show. But be forewarned - show's are overbooked, so there's no guarantee you'll get in.

3. The Dr. Phil Show

Getty Images

Now in its later season, Dr. Phil has mellowed with respect to audience interest (everyone wants to see that new doc in town, Dr. Oz, so tickets to The Dr. Phil Show are easier to get than they used to be. Make reservations by visiting Dr. Phil's ticket reservation page. Even though there's a wait list for the near future, if you're not planning to go for a couple months, you'll probably score a spot in the audience!

4. Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Probably the easiest tickets to get. Not that you'll necessary get into the show, but if you follow the link above - and follow the instructions precisely - you could get tickets to the Late Late Show with Craig Fergusonwithin 30 seconds. Fill out the form, click submit, and the next page could be a printout that acts as your free tickets to the show. That's what happened to us. It could happen to you!

5. Morning News Programs

Getty Images
By far the easiest way to be a part of a talk show is to visit one of the early morning news programs, like Today, Good Morning America or The Early Show. All tape in New York and are fairly close to one another - walking distance, because everything's walking distance in New York.. Stand outside the studio windows or step-inside to a designated guest area. Wherever you are, whatever show you're watching, you never need a ticket, just a lot of patience. And some shows offer behind-the-scenes tours after the show.
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