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The Early Show

Discover a world of information about the popular morning news program. Information includes who's on, reviews and a history of the show and its hosts, Eric Wragge, Erica Hill, Julie Chen, Jeff Glor with news and Marysol Castro with weather.

CBS This Morning
Find out more about CBS’s new morning show, ‘This Morning,’ hosting by Charlie Rose and Gayle King.

‘The Early Show’
‘The Early Show,’ CBS’s entry in the morning show genre has offered its fans a tag-team approach to morning news since 1999.

Overview: The Early Show
CBS’s The Early Show is one of the most well-known morning news and interview programs on television.

Charlie Rose Biography
Talk show host Charlie Rose divides his time between CBS’s ‘The Early Show’ and PBS’s ‘Charlie Rose.’ He’s an accomplished journalist with an astounding personal history.

Chris Wragge Biography
Chris Wragge, co-anchor of CBS’s ‘The Early Show,’ began his career as a sportscaster.

Erica Hill Biography
Erica Hill is the co-anchor of CBS's 'The Early Show'.

Bio Brief: Harry Smith
Harry Smith is co-host of The Early Show, CBS’s morning news, as well as A&E’s Biography and several programs on The History Channel.

Bio Brief: Hannah Storm
Hannah Storm is co-host of The Early Show, CBS’s morning news. She is also well known for her history as a sports journalist

Bio Brief: Russ Mitchell
Russ Mitchell is news anchor of The Early Show, CBS’s morning news. He is also co-host of CBS’s Saturday Early Show.

The Early Show Official Site
The Early Show’s home on the Web.

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