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Find Your Favorite Daytime Talk Show Hosts on Social Media


Social media websites, like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, are quickly become must-have communication channels for everyone. Small businesses, big businesses, individuals, you name it - updating statuses and tweeting updates is the new way to connect to friends and colleagues.

And for talk show hosts, it's a way to easily and creatively connect with fans. If you're on social media and want to find your favorite daytime talk show hosts and shows on social, here's a list to help you get started:

1. Anderson Cooper

Jamel Countess/Getty Images

Cooper is relatively new to the daytime talk show game. He's better known as a serious broadcast journalist. His social media reflects this. His use of Twitter to share both news items and insight about those issues as a reason he has 3 million followers. Follow him at @andersoncooper. On Facebook, you'll find him and his staff posting statust updates on the Anderson Live page.

2. Dr. Mehmet Oz

David McNew/Getty Images
Fans of Dr. Oz can follow him on Twitter at @DrOz. Join the 2.3 million followers who are treated each day to personal observations, updates and previews on his upcoming shows, and timely health tips. You can follow Dr. Oz on Facebook, too. But status updates there are merely Tweet updates.

3. Ellen DeGeneres

Getty Images/Ethan Miller
With more than 14 million followers and nearly 7,000 tweets (as of late October 2012), DeGeneres holds the crown for top talk show Tweeter online. Find her at @TheEllenShow. DeGeneres keeps her tweets open and in-the-moment, which is probably why she has so many followers. Find her on Facebook, where she carries on a similar conversation, but under the guise of her hit talk show.

4. Jerry Springer

Talk Show Host Jerry Springer salutes to fans.
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
You're not going to find much on Jerry Springer out in the world of social media, though his show does tweet information about the show. If you're interested, follow at @JerrySpringerShow. The show's Facebook page adds some video to the mix when it's not promoting the show and hawking free tickets.

5. Katie Couric

Future talk show host Katie Couric.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Brand new to daytime talk television, host Katie Couric is kickin' it socially. Her page has half a million followers (join the throng at @katiecouric) and is growing. She calls herself a "single mom, talk show host," and her tweets reflect her desire to interview - many questions for her followers and many opportunities to share your opinion. She has nearly 100,000 likes on her Facebook page, but status updates are almost exclusively about the show and less about Katie having a conversation with you.

6. Kelly Ripa

Getty Images
Live's Kelly Ripa can be found at @KellyRipa. Ripa embraces the true power of Twitter, connecting with her 800,000 followers in a close, personal way and through humor. One of her latest tweets: "We are listening to news reports on the radio in the Barbie van. The only radio that works." It was accompanied by a photo, which is quite popular with Twitter users. Her Facebook page is a little sparse, but you can find it here.

7. Sara Gilbert

Frederick Brown/Getty Images
Find THE Sara Gilbert, host of The Talk on Twitter at @THESaraGilbert. The host has more than 280,000 followers and tweets a lot about the show. But she also talks about her personal life and personal observations. She also uses a lot of quick text language, showing her versatility for the medium. Over on Facebook, Gilbert is hard to find. Can you find her anywhere?

8. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

ABC Entertainment
Check out The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck at @ehasselbeck. Hasselbeck does an unbelievable job at tweeting, regularly providing tips and tricks for household decorating and holiday planning, updates from The View, moments from her life and a lot of pictures. Maybe that's why she has almost 300,000 followers. Her Facebook page, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Mostly retweets as status updates, we recommend skipping Facebook and focusing on Twitter with Hasselbeck.

9. Oprah Winfrey

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
It should come as no surprise that Oprah Winfrey tweets at @Oprah and has more than 14 million followers. That's a staggering audience that Oprah commands. And she knows her audience. She speaks directly to influential groups and individuals and shares a ton of pics. And there are so many variations of Oprah on Facebook - from her network to her talk show to her publishing empire - it's hard to pick just one. Type Oprah in the search bar and pick your favorite!
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