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About Talk Show Visitors Pick Leno, Ferguson

'Tonight Show' and 'Late Late Show' Hosts Tie in February


Jay Leno, host of The Tonight Show, crowned January's Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host by visitors of About Talk Shows, has tied for No. 1 in February with Craig Ferguson, host of the Late Late Show.

Leno and Ferguson tied with 28 percent of the vote apiece. David Letterman followed in third with 16 percent. Joining Last Call’s Carson Daly with zero votes are Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Kimmel.

February rankings follow below:

1. Jay Leno – 28 percent

Toby Canham/Getty Images
Host of The Tonight Show for at least a few more months, the always affable Jay Leno is known for his deep fan following, his enormous car collection – and that chin"

2. Craig Ferguson – 28 percent

Getty Images
One of the most underrated hosts on television, comedian Craig Ferguson, host of the Late Late Show is bound to make you laugh, make you think, maybe make you cry, then make you laugh all over again.

3. David Letterman – 16 percent

Getty Images
Considered by many to be the next best thing to Johnny Carson, David Letterman, host of Late Show with David Letterman, is the stuff of legend – no matter what network he’s on.

4. Conan O’Brien – 12 percent

Getty Images
Set to take over The Tonight Show in 2010, Conan O'Brien, current host of NBC’s Late Night is the heir apparent to the late night kingdom.

5. Jon Stewart – 8 percent

Getty Images/Brendan Hoffman
Jon Stewart is host of the Peabody Award-winning The Daily Show that bills itself as ‘fake news’ while delivering biting political and social satire. Stewart shifts from low-brow to high-brow humor at such lightning speed footnotes should come along with his jokes

6. Stephen Colbert – 4 percent

Getty Images
One of the few hybrid talk shows out there, The Colbert Report mixes political satire with a nightly guest, be they celebrity, politician, author or, in one case, the host himself. Host Stephen Colbert is the glue that keeps the silliness altogether.

7. Larry King - 4 percent

Larry King, host of CNN's longest-running and most-watched program, Larry King Live, has become and industry legend for his ability to interview guests and maintain and incredible work schedule.

8. Jimmy Kimmel – 0 percent

Getty Images
The former Comedy Central stalwart and former host of The Man Show has real talk show chops. His Jimmy Kimmel Live is even gaining ground on the Big Two – Letterman and Leno.

9. Chelsea Handler – 0 percent

Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown
Presently, talk show host Chelsea Handler is the only late night female talk show host in the game. She explores the wild world of late night on her E! network entry, Chelsea Lately. Its mix of interview and topical talk is a bit unique among late night shows.

10. Carson Daly – 0 percent

Getty Images
Breaking through the frontiers of really late night broadcasting, Carson Daly rounds out the talk show day with his Last Call.
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