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How To Get Free Tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Jimmy Kimmel
Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
If you're a fan of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, you can get your hands on a pair of free tickets. How? Just follow these simple instructions.

Please note, when you take a look at both the “Difficulty” and “Time Required” section , please realize that those categories reflect the ease of requesting tickets and the length of time it takes to request tickets.

Obtaining tickets or a reservation to a taping can take much longer. In the case of some shows, it can take months – even years. After all, most shows have a ton of fans and the tickets are free.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: No more than 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Choose your method of acquisition: online or by phone.
  2. Visit 1iota.com to submit your request. Please be aware that you will need to register at 1iota.com to request tickets. Once registered, you can request up to four tickets to the program for you and guests 18 years and older.
  3. If your request can be filled, you will be notified by e-mail within a week of the taping date.
  4. If you’d rather forgo registering at 1iota.com, you can call (866) JIMMY TIX weekdays between 1 and 4 p.m. to request tickets.
  5. If you receive tickets, you're asked to arrive early - about 45 minutes before taping. Make sure you factor in extra time for traffic, parking and security. The show tapes at Jimmy Kimmel Live Studio, 6840 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, Calif.
  6. You may request tickets every six weeks.


  1. Ticket holders will also see Jimmy’s Indoor Mini-Concert prior to taping. Early arrival recommended. Doors open at 6:15 p.m.
  2. Identification required to gain admittance. Must be 18 and older to attend. Plan to go through a metal detector and have bags checked.
  3. Jimmy’s got a dress code. It’s nice casual, which is to say comfortable but a bit dressy, like you were going to dinner at a good restaurant. Dress jeans are fine, but forget the solid white shirts, shorts, baseball hats, elaborate patterns or large logos. If you’re dressed inappropriately, they’ll knock you out the studio.
  4. No digital or video cameras, cell phones, pagers, books or food are allowed. You can check them at the door and pick them up on your way out, however. Otherwise, leave them in the car when you attend a show.
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