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How To Get Free Tickets to 'Conan'


How To Get Free Tickets to 'Conan'
Jemal Countess / WireImage / Getty Images

Want to be in the audience during one of Conan O'Brien's famous late night show tapings? You can! And it's free!

Please note, when you take a look at both the “Difficulty” and “Time Required” section , please realize that those categories reflect the ease of requesting tickets and the length of time it takes to request tickets.

Obtaining tickets or a reservation to a taping can take much longer. In the case of some shows, it can take months – even years. After all, most shows have a ton of fans and the tickets are free.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 15 mins

Here's How:

  1. Request tickets by accessing the online ticket calendar on Conan's official site. Pick an available date during the month you'd like to see the show (or, because tickets are so hot, any month that dates are available) and click through the link to get to the ticket request form.
  2. Fill out the ticket request form. Realize you can only choose one date to request tickets so choose wisely! Be ready to provide the following information: Full Name of everyone attending, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses and phone number where you can be reached.
  3. Request no more than four tickets and cross your fingers. Tickets are selected by lottery because of the huge influx of requests. If you're chosen to receive tickets, you'll get a ticket confirmation via e-mail, followed by a phone call from a member of the 'Conan' audience department anywhere from one to four weeks prior to the taping date you requested.
  4. Conan tapes at Warner Bros. Studios, 6564 Forest Lawn Dr., Los Angeles. Check out Talk Shows in Los Angeles for more talk show info and advice.


  1. Tickets are non-transferable and the primary ticket holder (requester) needs to be with the group when arriving. Attendees must be 16 years or older. Photo ID is required. No one with luggage, backpacks or large shopping bags will be admitted.
  2. Tickets are booked weeks in advance and requests are high enough to require a lottery.
  3. Stand-by tickets are available for nearly every taping. Get those at the Warner Bros Studio location (in above steps) the day of taping to try your luck.
  4. Go to the second floor of the Gate 8 Warner Brothers parking structure (6564 Forest Lawn Dr., Los Angeles) at 10 a.m. on the morning of the taping you'd like to attend. A member of Conan's staff will distribute tickets and give you a time to return by to see if you'll get into the show. Tickets are numbered to hold your place in line. Limit two per person.

What You Need:

  • Valid ID
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