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Oprah Show Disappoints Ticket Holder

Share Your Story: My 'Oprah Winfrey Show' Experience

By ufindsherry

How Long it Took to Get Tickets

I got tickets my first try and felt like I had won the lottery. I could take 3 guests. I chose my husband who helped me watch for when to enter for a chance to get tickets , his mom who flew to Alabama to go with us from San Diego, CA and my mom who lives near us.

What It Was Like to be In the Audience

Staff was great!! I was disappointed in the show. I just wanted to see Oprah in action interviewing people instead I saw a tape of Oprah and Gale camping in Yosemite. I had just been there on vacation. It was mainly to get diverse people to go to state parks, that is great but I think everyone should go, color should not be an issue. I didn't go expecting gifts just wanted to see her do her magic. This was my mother-in-laws 83rd birthday present and my mom's gift for an early Christmas and a new start my 46 yr. old sister died Nov. will be 2 yrs. ago and I feel that I need to do something to make up for the show. It was good but could have been watched at home on TV. I don't want to be ungrateful I did get free tickets and I did see Oprah. I was blessed to get this opportunity but would not have spent the money for this type of show if I had known.


  • Sign up on her web site but be prepared to see a show like I did. Not all shows have stars or even interviews. I was told , "you will know Oprah when this is over" by the staff but I saw no more than I would have seen on my television in the comfort of my own home with $$$$ in my pocket and no egg on my face for a not so great of a gift for my mom and mother-in-law. Good luck to anyone that gets the chance to see the kind of show I longed to see. After you attend a show you can't go back for that season and you don't know what the show is until you enter the studio and this is the last season.

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