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These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The Top 10 Richest Late Night Talk Show Hosts
Which late night talk show hosts are the richest? Who has the highest net worth? The biggest salary? We find out.
Want to See "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Live?...
Ellen offers free tickets to see the show live. Follow these easy steps and you, too, can get your hands on a pair.
The 10 Wealthiest Daytime Talk Show Hosts
Which daytime talk show hosts are the richest? Who has the highest net worth? The biggest salary? We find out.
Let's Chat about the 10 Best Talk Show Hosts of...
About.com Talk Shows presents its list of the 10 greatest talk show hosts of all time. Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, Jon Stewart. Who are we missing? And who would you choose?
This week's guests on 'The View'
Find out who's on The View this week. The View welcomes guests from A-list celebrities to people in the news and surrounds them with thought provoking and funny conversation.
Check Out Who's on 'Ellen' This Week
Who's on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week? Find out here. Lovable Ellen fills each weekday with dance, A-list celebrities and unexpected moments that are sure to charm.
How to Get Free Tickets to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'...
Free tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live! are available to fans from around the world. Follow these easy steps and you, too, can get your hands on a pair and turn up in Jimmy Kimmel's audience.
Top 10 Richest Talk Show Hosts
Which talk show hosts are the richest? Who has the highest net worth? The biggest salary? We find out.
How To Start Your Own Talk Show
Have a good idea for a talk show? Want to produce your own? We’ll get you started with these simple tips and tricks.
Who's on 'The Late Show with David Letterman'...
Who's on the Late Show with David Letterman this week? Find out here. Guests this week on Late Show with David Letterman include A-list celebrities, incredible musical guests, and a cadre of surprises.
Is your favorite celebrity or band is on your...
Find this week's talk show guests with this convenient listing of shows and guest line-ups. Make scheduling TV time easy.
Who Has Hosted 'The Today Show' Through the...
From Dave Garroway to Savannah Guthrie, About Talk Shows takes a look at both former and current hosts of ‘The Today Show.’
5 Tips to Becoming a Talk Show Host
If you are ready to become the next David Letterman or Oprah Winfrey, we present this simple process for how to become a talk show host.
11 Popular Talk Shows Taped in New York
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Check Out Who's on 'Jimmy Kimmel' this Week?
Who's on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week? Find out here. Guests will discover Jimmy Kimmel's man-sized brand of humor attracts fellow celebrities and musical guests that fuel life's gusto -- and share in Jimmy's brand of low-brow, good natured humor.
Who's on 'Kelly & Michael' this Week?
Who's on Live with Kelly and Michael this week? Find out here. Guests of Live with Kelly and Michael will find each morning with laughter, good cheer, a cup of coffee and celebrity and surprise guests -- not to mention a contest or two!
This week's guests on 'The Talk'
CBS's ‘The Talk’ talk show stars Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Leah Remini. The show presents hot topics and current events from a mother’s viewpoint.
Who Is Oprah Winfrey? - The Woman Behind the...
Oprah Winfrey, the Emmy-winning host of
Who is David Letterman? A brief biography about...
From humble beginnings in Indianapolis, Indiana, to king of late night television, a crown handed down from Johnny Carson, David Letterman is a groundbreaking comic talent.
‘Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’
Overview of ‘Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ showcases the talents of late night talk show host Craig Ferguson .
Who Is Sheryl Underwood?
Learn more about The Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood, from her start in the military to her success as ‘one of the world’s brightest contemporary humorists’.
Find out if your favorite band is playing on...
Musical guests are a talk show staple. Music fans from all over the world tune in to see their favorite rock bands perform on late night and daytime talk shows.
Talk Show Myths: Part 2
It’s time to revisit the rumor mill and debunk some talk show nonsense about Jay Leno, Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon and a presidential appearance on ‘Conan’
7 Popular Talks Shows Taped in Los Angeles
The tonight show with conan o’brien, Chelsea lately, jimmy kimmel live, late late show with craig ferguson, oprah winfrey show, the ellen degeneres show, dr phil, Carson daly, last call
Here's What You Need to Know About Ellen...
Ellen DeGeneres, legendary stand-up comedian and successful television actress, has added a new notch in her career belt - pioneering talk show host. And if recent polls mean anything, she's No. 1 with a funny, beating out Oprah Winfrey for top spot as
Who is Tavis Smiley?
Discover more about talk show host Tavis Smiley, once named Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World
Want to start your own talk show online? Let us...
Follow these 10 steps to get your online talk show off the ground. From what to consider before you launch to what to do afterward, here are the ten things you should think about.
Who's 'Rach' chatting with this week?
Find out who is on 'The Rachael Ray Show' this week. Check out Rachael's guest schedule, as well as some of what she'll be cooking on her daytime talk show.
Did You Know Jimmy Fallon is Host #8 of The...
Johnny Carson and Jay Leno are the best known hosts of NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show’. But who else besides Jack Lescoulie has sat behind the desk?
How To Get Tickets to The View
'The View' offers free tickets to see the show live. Follow these easy steps and you, too, can get your hands on a pair.
Here's Everything You Need to Know to Get Free...
Free tickets to today's talk shows are worth the work it takes to get them - and that work is knowing the process and having a lot of patience.
How to Nab Free Tickets to 'The Rachael Ray Show'
Free tickets to 'The Rachael Ray Show' are available to fans of the show - and everyone else interested in seeing the popular talk show host and TV chef. If you are interested in getting free tickets, here's your step-by-step guide.
How To Get Free Tickets to 'The Tonight Show...
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon offers free tickets to see the show live. Follow these easy steps and you, too, can get your hands on a pair of free tickets and find yourself in Jimmy Fallon's live studio audience.
How To Get Free Tickets to The Oprah Winfrey Show
The Oprah Winfrey Show offers free tickets to see the show live. Follow these easy steps and you, too, can get your hands on a pair of free tickets to the show.
10 Memorable Moments from the 'Tonight Show...
Jay leno, tonight show, the jay leno show, memorable moments, top ten, top 10, president barrack obama, john mccain, john kerry, red sox, curse, sept. 11, 9/11, writers strike, Johnny Carson, ed mcmahon, friends, cheers, Arnold schwarzeneggar, colin Farrell stalker
How to Get Free Tickets to 'The Daily Show with...
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart offers free tickets to see the show live. Follow these easy steps and you, too, can get your hands on a pair.
How to Get Free Tickets to ‘The Steve...
Think you’d like to see Steve Harvey live and in person? Then step right up and try to score a pair of free tickets to the daytime talk show. How? Just follow these simple instructions.
'The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon' |...
Overview of ‘The Tonight Show’ provides readers with a quick snapshot of the venerable talk show and his parade of popular and famous hosts.
Check Out the Line-up for 'Late Night with Seth...
Who is on Late Night with Seth Meyers? Find out with our weekly guest line-up for Late Night.
8 Steps to Getting Free Tickets to 'The Colbert...
Get free tickets to 'The Colbert Report' by following these few simple steps. In a super short period of time, you, too, can get your hands on Stephen's - tickets.
Find out who's on 'The Daily Show'
Who's on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart? Find out here. Stewart hosts an eclectic mix of guests, from hot celebrities to politicians and activists who are driving our country's discourse.
How To Get Free Tickets to 'The Dr. Oz Show'
Free tickets to The Dr. Oz Show are available to fans or anyone who would like to be in the daytime talk show’s live studio audience. Follow these steps and you can get free talk show tickets to ‘The Dr. Oz Show’.
Who is Steve Higgins?
Learn more about Steve Higgins, the announcer for ‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’
How to Get Free Tickets to the Biggest Daytime...
If you’ve read any of the How To Get Tickets articles, you may dismayed by the length of time it takes
How To Be a Guest on The Dr. Phil Show
Do you have a compelling story and want to be a guest on ‘The Dr. Phil Show’? Follow this short step-by-step to get your chance to be on the show.
Who is Barbara Walters? Learn more about the...
Learn more about Barbara Walters, co-host and co-creater of 'The View', with this short biography of the broadcast pioneer.
Gay Talk Show Hosts
Gay talk show hosts are no big thing – and here are our top five favorites. The talk show industry is becoming ever more diverse in its definition of talk shows host – race, gender, sexual preference, age – and that talk show fans care very little about a talk show hosts personal life.
How To Get Free Tickets to 'Conan'
Free tickets are available for those who want to be in the 'Conan' audience. These steps will help guide you through the process.
Check out Steve Harvey's guests this week!...
Check out guest listings and schedule for 'The Steve Harvey Show'.
Lara Spencer Biography
Discover more about Lara Spencer, the lifestyle editor and reporter for ABC’s ‘Good Morning America.’
Who is Jon Stewart? A brief biography about the...
Jon Stewart, in just a few short years, has grown from a affable comedian with a talent for talking to people into an astute political and cultural observer with a keen wit and an ability to cut to an issue's core. And he's done it all on a basic cable TV show that mocks news programs, The Daily Show.
A Beginner's Guide to 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'
Relative newness aside, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, or Elllllen, as fans of the opening song may know it, has become hugely popular with many since its debut in 2003. For those who enjoy a funny, offbeat tour of celebrityville, as well as regualrtown.
What's Dr. Oz Talking About the Week of May 5?
Find out what Dr. Oz will be talking about this week on 'The Dr. Oz Show.'
Going to a talk show? Here's what to bring -...
Members of the audience at a talk show are as important to the production as the host and guests. That’s why there are certain items audience members can – and cannot – bring to the program.
How To Be a Talk Show Guest
Want to be on a TV talk show? Here are 5 quick tips that will help you get on a TV talk show as a guest.
Talk Isn't Cheap: A Brief History of the TV...
In this brief history of the TV talk show, we learn that, according to industry veterans, there are two types of chatter on American TV -- television talk, in which someone merely addresses the audience, and the talk show, featuring a familiar format, a quirky or popular host, and a slew of celebrity guests. We're covering the latter.
Top 5 Talk Show Predictions for 2014
Here is About Talk Shows' top 5 talk show predictions for 2014, including David Letterman announcing his retirement and 'The View' announcing it's final season.
What's 'Dr. Phil' got in store for this week's...
Who’s on Dr. Phil this week? Find out here. Who are his guests? What are the topics?
10 things you didn't know about Craig Ferguson!
He’s from Scotland. You know that. But did you know he’s a published author? If so, then good for you. that’s two things you know about late night talk show host Craig Ferguson. But what about these other 10 things?
Who is Jimmy Fallon? A brief biography about...
In 2009, Jimmy Fallon takes over hosting NBC’s ‘Late Night’ from current host Conan O’Brien. Fallon is known for his superstar stint on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and from song parodies like ‘Idiot Boyfriend.’
How To Get Free Tickets to the 'Late Show with...
Late Show with David Letterman offers free tickets to see the show live. Follow these easy steps and you, too, can get your hands on a pair - and find yourself in Dave's live audience.
How To Get Free Tickets to 'The Talk'
Free tickets to CBS’s ‘The Talk’ are available to fans of the show or anyone who would like to be in the daytime talk show’s live studio audience. Follow these steps and you can get free talk show tickets.
Quirky Trivia About Your Favorite Talk Shows
See if you can answer these talk show trivia questions before reading the answer. If you think you know everything there is to know about your favorite talk show or talk show host – think again.
10 Most Annoying Talk Show Hosts of All Time
Everyone can’t be a talk show host. Just because you are a great comedian, stellar athlete, talented actor or supermodel doesn’t mean you will instantly be a great, stellar, talented or super talk show host. And that’s annoying. Here are the 10 worst offenders.
How To Get Free Tickets to The Jerry Springer...
The Jerry Springer Show offers free tickets to see the show live. Follow these easy steps and you, too, can get your hands on a pair.
Watch Talk Shows Online for Free
Watch talk shows online for free when you don’t have time to catch them on DVR (or you forgot to record your favorite shows). Here’s a list of your favorite daytime talk shows online.
Jay Leno Biography
Jay Leno, host of the soon to debut The Jay Leno Show, cultivated a huge fan following while making the stalwart Tonight Show his own. Now he will venture in to new territory as host of a prime time talk show, The Jay Leno Show, debuting in September 2009 on NBC.
‘Good Morning America LIVE!’
‘Good Morning America’ has extended its morning show from 2 hours to – 2 hours and 15 minutes. ‘Good Morning America LIVE!’ is GMA’s online post-show..
An overview of the daytime talk show, #TheView
Learn a little bit about ‘The View,’ ABC TV's daytime talk show, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd.
A Snapshot of The Steve Harvey Show
Comedian Steve Harvey joins a growing list of daytime talk show hosts with “The Steve Harvey Show.”
The Dr Oz Show
The Dr Oz Show, starring Dr Mehmet Oz, showcases the best of what Dr Oz delivers – sound medical advice aimed at making people healthier and happier. After all, that’s what has driven his successful career and made him one of the most popular contributors to The Oprah Winfrey Show.
'The Rachael Ray Show'
‘The Rachael Ray Show’ and its host, Rachael Ray, spends each daytime talk show hour finding simple solutions to everyday problems. Though Ray includes cooking segments in her show, the program isn’t dedicated to the art by any means. Like a hearty stew, the show welcomes celebrity guests, musical artists, and may theme a program or two during the week to talk about issues close to Ray’s heart.
Check out who's on the 'Late Late Show' this...
Who's on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this week? Find out here. With guests, Ferguson dishes up Scottish humor on American shores, welcoming guests from all walk of celebrity life and an eclectic mix of musical acts that are sure to entertain.
How to Get Free Tickets to See 'Late Night with...
Follow these steps to get free tickets to ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers'.
Overview: The Today Show
NBC’s hit morning news program, The Today Show, is the most well-known morning news and interview program on television.
How To Get Free Tickets to the 'Late Late Show...
Free tickets to the 'Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' are available free to fans across the globe. Follow these easy steps and you, too, can get your hands on a pair and be in the 'Late Late Show' audience.
'The Dr. Phil Show'
‘The Dr. Phil Show’ and its host, Dr. Phil McGraw, tackles tough topics and themes in its daytime talk show format. From personal finances to better sex, Dr. Phil has his opinions on how to handle the issues.
What will 'Conan', the new TBS talk show from Conan O'Brien be like? We explore these thoughts in this short overview.
How To Get Free Tickets to 'The Dr. Phil Show'
Free tickets are available for those who want to be in the audience of the talk show ‘Dr. Phil.’ These steps will help guide you through the process.
Overview: Good Morning America
ABC’s Good Morning America, or GMA, is one of ABC's most well-known morning news and interview programs on television.
So you think you know a little bit about Craig...
Scottish born and bred Craig Ferguson seems an unlikely choice for American talk show host, but his across-the-pond style and sensibilities give The Late Late Show a unique flavor. But you still wonder what makes him tick.
Look who's on 'Last Call' this week!
'Last Call with Carson Daly' weekly guest schedule: Who's on? Find out here. Appearing at the very end of our broadcast evening, as guests, Carson Daly welcomes well-known and up-and-coming movie and television actors, as well as a wide range of musical bands.
How To Get Free Tickets to Live! With Regis and...
Live! With Regis and Kelly offers free tickets to see the show live. Follow these easy steps and you, too, can get your hands on a pair.
A Profile of Today Show Co-Host Hoda Kotb
Hoda Kotb is co-host of The Today Show’s fourth hour, a stand alone portion of the program, which she co-hosts with Kathie Lee Gifford.
About Talk Show Visitors Pick Leno, Ferguson
favorite talk show host, favorite host, readers pick, leno, letterman, o’brien, kimmel, ferguson, handler, daly, larry king, stewart, colbert
Who is Stephen Colbert? A brief biography about...
Stephen Colbert is the quick-witted, over-the-top host of ‘The Colbert Report,’ a spin-off of ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.’ The long-time comic actor and writer is known for his role as a ‘Daily Show’ correspondent and his role in ‘Strangers with Candy,’ another Comedy Central production, made into a feature film in 2006.
Who is Dr. Phil McGraw? A brief biography about...
Dr. Phil was Born ...: ... on September 1, 1950, in Vinita, Oklahoma, to parents Jo and Jerry. His father
'The Doctors' Overview
Find out about the popular daytime talk show ‘The Doctors’ and its hosts, Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. Jim Sears, Dr. Lisa Masterson, Dr. Andrew Ordon, Dr. Wendy Walsh and Jillian Michaels.
The Tyra Banks Show
‘The Tyra Banks Show,’ featuring popular talk show host and model, Tyra Banks, has quickly become a must see program for talk show fans far and wide. Find all the latest news, info, pictures, and more at About Talk Shows – The Tyra Banks Show.
'The Talk'
CBS's ‘The Talk’ talk show stars Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Leah Remini. The show presents hot topics and current events from a mother’s viewpoint.
Who's on 'The Meredith Vieira Show'?
Find out who's on 'The Meredith Vieira Show' with this handy weekly guest line-up guide.
‘Late Show with David Letterman’
This overview of ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ will give you the rundown on the popular CBS talk show and its one-of-a-kind host, David Letterman
‘The Today Show’
‘The Today Show,’ when it was first broadcast in 1952, was the first of its kind. Today, it remains the top-rated morning news/talk program, with its hosts, Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira, more popular than ever.
Overview: The Rachael Ray Show
Rachael Ray, Food Network star, is well-known for her kitchen skills, and creative cooking is a cornerstone of 'The Rachael Ray Show'. But it includes familiar talk show elements, such as celebrity guests, interview segments, and hot topics. The show is produced by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions.
What do you know about 'Late Night with Seth...
Overview of 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' provides readers with a quick snapshot of the former 'Saturday Night Live' star's first talk show. Meyers will be the fourth host of the three decade old late night talk show.
Late Show with David Letterman - A Review
From New York, the greatest city in the world, comes the Late Show with David Letterman. Letterman hosts one of the longest running late night talk shows in history – 24 years (if you tack on the 11 years Dave spent at NBC hosting “Late Night with …”). His humor is a mix of Midwestern honesty and East Coast sarcasm – though he’s mellowed over the quarter century. For talk show fans, Dave is the gold standard.
Steve Allen Biography
Steve Allen, the original host of ‘The Tonight Show’, is known for creating the late night genre, writing thousands of songs, several books and making millions laugh.
‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Deejays
Tony Okungbowa is the best known deejay on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, but there have been others. Find out who!
5 Things to Know About Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight...
On February 24, 2014, Jimmy Fallon becomes the sixth host of The Tonight Show. Here are our Top 5 changes to the show that you should know before you tune in.
Wanna know a little more about Wendy Williams?
Get a quick glimpse into the life of talk show host Wendy Williams. This short biography will introduce you to the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media” and her quirky style.
Who's on 'Queen Latifah'?
Check out who's visiting Queen Latifah this week or performing on The Queen Latifah Show.
Free Tickets to 'The Wendy Williams Show'
Free tickets to see ‘The Wendy Williams Show’? No problem. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll soon be on your way.
Natalie Morales Biography
Discover more about Natalie Morales, the news anchor on NBC’s ‘The Today Show’.
Find out who's on 'Conan'
Who's on The Conan O'Brien Show this week? Find out here. Guests include A-list celebrities, nutty comedians, and cutting edge and up-and-coming musical guests.
Top 10 Tabloid Talk Shows of the 1990s
Daytime tabloid talk shows and hosts of the 1990s, like Geraldo, Morton Downey Jr and Jerry Springer, were known for their melodramatic stories about infidelity, questionable paternity, sibling rivalry, murder, mayhem and the occasional Satanic cult.
What Are They Talking About on 'Katie Couric'...
Who's on Katie, Katie Couric’s talk show, this week? Discover who Katie is welcoming to her daytime talk show this week.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Weekly Schedule
Who's on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this week? Find out here. Guests include A-list celebrities, eclectic musical guests, stand-up comedians, and a host of other colorful characters. Check out who's on next.
‘Good Morning America’
‘Good Morning America,’ ABC’s entry in the morning show genre, one whose roots can be traced to a local program in Cleveland, Ohio, has offered viewers a warm welcome since 1975.
All About The Tonight Show's Johnny Carson
Johnny Carson will be known forever as the king of late night television for his 30 years as host of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Nearly every major talk show host of the last 20 years includes Carson as both an inspiration and an influence, including David Letterman, former Tonight Show host Jay Leno and current host Conan O’Brien.
‘The Real’
Discover more about ‘The Real,’ starring Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, a ‘View’-like daytime talk show that received a trial run on selected stations in summer 2013.
Sexiest Talk Show Moments
Can talk show moments be sexy? These can. From Drew's dance on Dave's desk to Ellen's sexy Victoria's Secret award, these are the sexiest talk show moments.
Here's how we'd reboot 'The View'. And it...
How should ABC reboot 'The View'? We have some ideas. A couple of them include Chelsea Clinton, Jennifer Garner and Olivia Wilde.
How to Be a Guest on Maury
If you’re a fan of Maury and want to be a guest on Maury, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get the chance to air your dirty laundry. And applying to be on the program couldn’t be easier. How? Just follow these simple instructions.
Who is Carson Daly? A brief biography on the...
Carson Daly was Born …: … on June 22, 1873, in Santa Monica, Calif., to dancer and actress Pattie Caruso
Bio Brief: Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray is well-known for her kitchen skills, and creative cooking will is a cornerstone of The Rachael Ray Show. She's the host of several Food Network programs, as well, including '30 Minute Meals,' 'Dollars a Day'; and 'Inside Dish with Rachael Ray'.
Charlie Rose Biography
Talk show host Charlie Rose divides his time between CBS’s ‘The Early Show’ and PBS’s ‘Charlie Rose.’ He’s an accomplished journalist with an astounding personal history.
Check out who's on 'The Colbert Report'
'The Colbert Report's' weekly guest schedule. Who's on The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert? Find out here. Guests will discover the very best in political satire and irreverent interviews with some of today's Beltway powerhouses. For more, turn to Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report.
'The Oprah Winfrey Show'
Describing ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show” is fairly simple. Describing its global impact and the world-wide appeal of its host is not. Shows may feature a theme, usually a social issue or topical event, and guests who complement the theme or they may feature celebrity guests. Occasionally the show will devote the hour to one guest or one subject. Sometimes the show is broken into various segments. As the years have passed, the show’s fluidity has grown, and it practically reinvents itself daily.
‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’
Overview of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ provides readers with a quick snapshot of the lovable talk show who has redefined the daytime talk show format.
Gayle King, Oprah’s Friend and Sidekick
Gayle King is best known as Oprah Winfrey’s best friend. Beyond her pop culture definition, King is a well-established broadcast personality who has served as a news reporter, anchor and talk show host.
Five Talk Shows We Don’t Know Much About
Short-lived or mostly forgotten, here are 5 talk shows worth knowing were around
Talk Show Tickets: 10 Things You Need to Know
Looking for free talk show tickets? An expert from ‘The View’ shares 10 tips on how to ensure you get those tickets and have a good time at the talk show.
The Meredith Vieira Show
Discover more about talk show host Meredith Vieira’s new daytime talk show, set to debut in the fall of 2014.
David Letterman's Top Ten Memorable Moments in...
Celebrating 32 years in late night television, David Letterman, host of both Late Night with David Letterman and Late Show with David Letterman, has created hundreds of memorable moments. Here are ten of the top most memorable.
Talk Shows’ Pioneering Women
These four female talk show hosts were critical in paving the way for all the great pioneering women of TV talk that we find on daytime and late night television today.
Who's visiting 'Wendy' this week?
Find out which guests will be on 'The Wendy Williams Show' this week. Who will be in the lineup? Find out with this weekly guest schedule.
Overview: Dr. Phil
Find out all about ‘The Dr. Phil Show’ and its likable host, Dr. Phil McGraw. From tender advice to strict admonition, Dr. Phil deals with everyday problems with unexpected – but common sense – solutions.
Mystery surrounds season premieres of...
Mystery surrounds 'The View' as daytime talk shows get set to debut their 2014 season premieres.
‘The Colbert Report with Stephen...
Overview of ‘The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert’ provides visitors with a short picture of the wildly popular political satire and it irascible host.
About Morning Talk Show Programs
Your guide to television’s most popular morning talk shows, including Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Early Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, and The View.
Talk Show Topics for The Dr. Phil Show
Do you have a compelling story and want to be a guest on ‘The Dr. Phil Show’? This list of Dr. Phil talk show topics will help you match your story with the issues the show is focusing on.
The View - A Review
The View is ABC’s hit daytime talk show, hosted by Rosie O'Donnell, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
Aisha Tyler Biography
Known for her work on ‘Friends’ and ‘Ghost Whisperer’, actor and comedian Aisha Tyler joins the women of ‘The Talk’ each weekday to discuss hot topics and current events.
Top 5 Talk Show Audience Etiquette Tips
It sometimes comes as a surprise to people attending TV talk shows that they are expected to act in a certain way while serving as an audience member. After all, the audience is as much a part of the production as the talk show host, talk show guest, band and announcer.
Overview: Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Jimmy Kimmel Live! is ABC’s answer to David Letterman and Jay Leno with a decidedly masculine and low-brow humor style
10 Things You Didn’t Know about Oprah...
Oprah Winfrey fan? Really? Are you so sure? Think again! We bet you didn’t know these 10 things about the queen of all media. I mean – all media. Just to make sure you’re paying attention, we’ll throw one lie in there, too. Think you can figure out which one that is?
‘Live with Kelly and Michael’
Learn more about ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’, ABC's popular daytime talk show, starring Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan.
‘The Chew’ Overview
Take a quick peek at what ABC’s lifestyle talk show ‘The Chew’ is all about. Hosts Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and Daphne Oz.
‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’
Overview of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ showcases the talents of late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and his brand of humor.
Sara Gilbert Biography
Sara Gilbert, talk show host of CBS’s ‘The Talk’ is an American actress, writer, producer and mother. She moderates the CBS talk show ‘The Talk,’ which focuses on current events from a mother’s perspective.
Who is Jimmy Kimmel? A brief biography about...
Jimmy Kimmel Live brims with Kimmel's irreverent and testosterone-laced humor, a style the young Emmy-winning producer/writer/talk show host has honed since his early days in comedy.
5 Easiest-to-Get Talk Show Tickets
Talk show tickets to shows in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are absolutely free – but they’re not always easy to get. If you’re traveling to one of these cities and want to see a show, here are the Top 5 Easiest to Get Talk Show Tickets.
About Joy Behar
Joy Behar, a co-host of 'The View', is best known for her illustrious career as a stand-up comedianne and accomplished actress.
Review of 'Chelsea Lately'
Comedienne turned talk show host Chelsea Handler has taken to the job of talk show host surprising well. Her self-deprecating style plays pitch perfect with the late night format – one might consider her a latter day David Letterman. And her show is unique, in that it combines the roundtable format and the standard across-the-desk celebrity interview. Guests – often B-listers and E! celebrities promoting their reality programs – have an affinity for Chelsea, and it shows.
Steve Harvey Biography
Discover more about comedian, actor and talk show host Steve Harvey. Harvey’s new talk show will launch in the fall 2012.
5 Talk Shows with Free, but Hard-to-Get Tickets
Free talk show tickets. Anyone can request a pair and they don’t cost a dime. Still, actually getting a pair of tickets after asking for them is often an incredibly difficult thing to accomplish.
Bio Brief: Julie Chen
Julie Chen is co-host of The Early Show, CBS’s morning news and talk show and host of the network’s reality program, Big Brother
Who Is Geoff Peterson?
If you’re wondering about Craig Ferguson’s sidekick – as in, “I wonder, is Craig Fergson’s sidekick a robot?” – then wonder no more. Geoff Peterson is a robot. And he is the Late Late Show sidekick.
Bio Brief: Ann Curry
Ann Curry, news anchor on NBC's Today Show, has been a tried and true member of the morning team, which includes Meredith Vieira, Matt Lauer, and Al Roker, since 1997. She is also co-host of Dateline NBC.
Overview: Live! With Regis & Kelly
Live with Regis and Kelly, starring Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, is one of the most popular morning talk shows in the United States.
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