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Top 5 Hard to Get Free Talk Show Tickets


Talk show tickets are absolutely free. And though it's easy to request tickets, chances are you'll have a difficult time getting tickets. For some shows, getting tickets can take several tries over many months - even years. So if you're hoping to be part of a live studio audience for one of these five shows, realize you're trying to get tickets to one of the Top 5 Hard to Get Talk Show Tickets. (Rather not wait? Find out what are the easiest tickets to get.)

1. The Oprah Winfrey Show

Oprah Winfrey Visits Australia - Day 7
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Getting tickets to The Oprah Winfrey Show is like winning the lottery. Quite literally, because Oprah distributes tickets to winners of its ticket lottery. It's not first come, first served. It's cross your fingers and hope your number is pulled. In other words, it doesn't matter if you're first in line. You have the same chance as the last person in line and everybody in between. Add having to enter the lottery during a specified time period, and things just got harder. And if you get tickets? You only have 48 hours to confirm your reservation or else you'll lose your spot!

2. The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Getty Images/Ethan Miller
Almost as hard as Oprah. (Okay, truthfully, getting tickets to ANY show is easier than getting tickets to Oprah.) Again, this is all about demand and supply. Ellen tickets is one of the top searches on About Talk Shows, which means a lot of people are interested in seeing the peppy talk show host and American Idol judge strut her stuff. Requesting tickets is relatively easy. Visit the online calendar and select the date you'd like to attend. Don't be surprised, though, if all of the dates are filled. We've gone to the site several times and have yet to find an open date.

3. Late Show with David Letterman

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David Letterman is the heir apparent to Johnny Carson, so it shouldn't surprise you to learn that seeing the modern-day equivalent of Carson's Tonight Show is at the top of most talk show fans' must-see list. Requesting tickets, once again, is fairly simple. But getting them? Good luck. Tons of would-be audience members make requests. Oh, and if you're thinking about tickets, you better know the show. You'll be asked a trivia question before your request is accepted.

4. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Toby Canham/Getty Images
The great legion of Jay Leno fans can't wait to see their favorite talk show host. And most Hollywood tourists want the chance to say they saw the legendary Tonight Show. That makes getting tickets to this program a true challenge. The show does provide a number of ways to make the request, though, including online, mail and going stand-by. The trickiest part? You'd better be ready to see the show, because the show may inform you that you've got tickets as late as the day before the show. Great for folks a hour or so away from the studio. Not so much for those of us outside L.A.

5. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Getty Images/Brendan Hoffman
Jon Stewart's popularity has grown exponentially in the last few years. He's even considered America's Most Trusted News Anchor. Not too shabby for a comedian who reports fake news and editorializes with satire. But you know what? Stewart really is the best reality check around - and people want to experience that in person. That's what makes getting tickets to The Daily Show so darn hard. Click through to request tickets and you'll discover a ticket calendar with no open dates through May 2011. Still, fans can try requesting tickets by email or going standby. Two options that may get you in before Indecision 2012.

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