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A Brief Biography of Wendy Williams, Talk Show Host


A Brief Biography of Wendy Williams, Talk Show Host

Radio personality Wendy Williams makes the leap to daytime television with her show, 'The Wendy Williams Show'

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Wendy was born:

On July 18, 1964, in Asbury Park, N.J. as Wendy Joan Williams. She grew up in Ocean Township, N.J., and attended Northeaster University in Boston. Williams was a communications major.

Wendy’s Early Career::

Williams started her entertainment career in radio, as an intern for Kiss 108 in Boston and later as a deejay at WVIS in the Virgin Islands. After stints in Washington and New York, she found success as a late night deejay dishing celebrity gossip.

After an intense confrontation with co-worker Angie Martinez, Williams was dismissed from her New York station. She landed in Philadelphia and deejayed there for nearly four years. Williams returned to New York in 2001 and nurtured the incredibly popular Wendy Williams Experience - a kind of shock jock, Howard Stern style radio program.

Becoming a Talk Show Host::

Williams made the leap to TV in July 2008 as host of The Wendy Williams Show. Those first episodes were test run in New York, Dallas, Detroit and Los Angeles. Her regular, syndicated program launched in July 2009. The program appears on FOX local channels across the country and on cable channel BET.

The show is much like her radio Experience: a little off-the-cuff, completely about Williams, a little naughty, and altogether fun.

The show has been confirmed as renewed through the 2011-2012 season.

And Just for Fun:

  • Is married to Kevin Hunter, with whom she has a son
  • Has published several books, including the autobiography Wendy’s Got the Heat.
  • Was a spokesperson for Georges Veselle champagne
  • Is a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame

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