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Talk Show Topics for 'The Tyra Banks Show'


Talk Show Topics for 'The Tyra Banks Show'
If you’re interested in being a guest on The Tyra Banks Show, review the talk show topics below that Tyra will soon create a show around and see if any fit the story you want to tell.

Then visit Tyra’s ‘Be a Part of the Show’ page and fill out a guest application!

Upcoming Topics

  • Stop Gaining Weight!
  • I’m An Engaged Teen
  • I’m Divorced and Want to Get Back with My Ex
  • Does Your Fiance Want a Prenup?
  • Is Your Boyfriend Way Too Vain?
  • I'm In An Abusive Relationship with a Young Woman!
  • Could Your Best Guy Friend Be “The One?”
  • Do You Know a Couple That Needs to Stop Making Out and Get a Room?
  • Stop Making Out in Public: Get a Room!
  • Is Your Mother-in-Law Destroying Your Marriage?
  • Do You Have Irresponsible Parents?
  • Is Your Stage Mom Ruining Your Life?
  • Stop Having So Many Babies
  • Are You a Teen Who Wants Your Parents to Get Divorced?
  • Is Your Child Severely Overweight?
  • Do You Know Someone Who Is Making Their Child Fat?
  • Are You Afraid of Your Own Child?
  • Do You or Someone You Know Look Older or Younger Than You Really Are?
  • Are You About to Enter College and Terrified of Gaining Weight?
  • Do You Text Intimate Photos?
  • I'm Living It Up in This Bad Economy
  • I’m a Pregnant Teen
  • Do You Want to Be Patti Labelle’s Personal Masseuse or Masseur?
  • Are You Trying to Design Your Baby?
  • Do You Have a Comment or Opinion About a Past “Tyra Show” or Guest?
  • Are You Getting Ready to Go to Your First Senior Prom and Want Some Advice?
  • Will You Do Anything to Be Famous?
  • Are You Trying to Get Pregnant?

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