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Sharon Osbourne Biography

A brief profile of talk show host Sharon Osbourne


Sharon Osbourne Biography
Getty Images/Frederick Brown

Sharon Osbourne was born Sharon Levy on Oct. 9, 1952, in Brixton, South London, England, into musical family. Her father was a music promoter and her mother a life-long lover of music.

Her father is famously known for managing Black Sabbath, the heavy metal rock group that Sharon's famous husband, Ozzy Osbourne, fronted. At the time, however, Arden fired Ozzy from the band. The two allegedly share a contentious relationship, as Arden supposedly disliked Sharon and Ozzy's relationship and tried - in vein - to break the two apart. Sharon's relationship with her mother was no better.

Her relationship with her family, however, is far different. An unconventional family - at least by television standards - Sharon and Ozzy have three successful children, Aimee, Kelly and Jack. Kelly is known as the darling of 2010's Dancing with the Stars and Jack has developed a burgeoning musical career.

She became famous to American audiences in 2002, when MTV began airing the reality show The Osbournes, chronically the daily life of the rock 'n' roll family. The smash hit lead to more television appearances and opportunities. In 2003, she launched her own talk show, The Sharon Osbourne Show. It was a quirky affair that never really took off and was canceled after one season. A second attempt in the U.K. also failed to gain ratings.

Osbourne returned to U.K. audiences as a mentor and judge of The X Factor, an American Idol like variety show. She also joined as a judge of America's Got Talent on NBC.

She joined the CBS talk show The Talk in fall 2010.

Fun Facts

  • Listed as one of the richest women in the United Kingdom.
  • Besides husband Ozzy, also managed bands Smashing Pumpkins, Lita Ford and Motorhead.
  • Infamously hosted the American Music Awards and, with the rest of her family, is allegedly banned from ABC.
  • Will see her first novel, Revenge, published in March 2010
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