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Overview: The Rachael Ray Show

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Food Network's 20th Birthday - Arrivals

Rachael Ray

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The Bottom Line

Part cooking show, part Generation X lifestyle program, and all talk, The Rachael Ray Show offers guests familiar talk show elements, such as celebrity guests, interview segments, and hot topics. The show is produced by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions. And since its September 2006 debut, has soared in the ratings. Ray picked up her first Emmy for the program in 2008 for the 2007 season.


  • Ray is immensely likable.
  • Ray's past television experience makes the transition to talk show host simpler.
  • Not quite Oprah, not quite Ellen, not quite Dr. Phil, but a little bit of all three.
  • Won the Emmy in 2008
  • Viewers like her talk show style


  • Is Ray reaching media over-exposure? Could there be a backlash?
  • Viewers who like Ray in the kitchen only might be turned off
  • Proves she can be a talk show host, but can she carry her show to the next level?


  • One-hour, daytime talk show
  • Syndicated, check local listings for time and channel
  • Debuted Sept. 18, 2006, and has risen faster in the ratings than any other syndicated talk show.
  • Includes celebrity guests, cooking segments and usually some sort of theme for the day

Guide Review - Overview: The Rachael Ray Show

The Rachael Ray Show, starring that incredibly perky and (my wife is gonna kill me for saying this) incredibly cute star of all things Food Network, debuted her talk show with a lot of fanfare and questions back in September 2006. But as her recent Emmy win can attest to, Ray's show has taken off with fans and soared in the ratings. Ray's show celebrates the can-do spirit in every person and gives viewers the essentials for whole-hearted living.

Ray is well-known for her kitchen skills, and creative cooking continues to be a cornerstone of the program. But the show does stray into away-from-the-kitchen territory with celebrity guests, interview segments, and other talk show standards. Ray has interviewed celebrity guests before, most notably on her FN program Inside Dish with Rachael Ray, ostensibly a talk show, and she honed that ability on her show the last two years.

Plus, it doesn't hurt to have Oprah Winfrey (Rachael Ray's producer) backing you up.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Being bulleyd in a Career World at 53yrs old, Member JoannCastro

Hello Rachel- My name is Joann and I saw your talk show this Morning and you were talking about ""being Bullied"" Well, I have never wrote or talked to any one about me being bullied. One day I was talking to my daughters of how I was being treated at the place I worked. My daughters cried with me as I was telling them, they told me "" Gosh, Mom sounds like you are being bullied by these women /co-workers.(I was let go from job in July 2012). I am a 54 Hispanic, and have worked since 14yrs old, always had a career in THE HEALTH FIELD. This is hard for me to talk about, but feel that I need to say my story and some say I would like to write a book on this. I felt I was being bullied and not like by my Ex-co-workers. And this I know, because a ""Supervisor"" her self told me this... "" I was not like by several people there"".. Now, a supervisor to tell this to a another Employee"". I was shocked! to hear this coming from her mouth. I said to her that I did not care, I was hired to do a JOB! I worked in Commuinty health HIV clinic. Here in Austin, Texas. I came home told my husband he couldn't belive what I told him. Another day several days later, I was hearing alot of whispering from other woman there. Another Supervisor told me "" I think I'm better that her(Talking about a woman I needed her help with her documenting notes after seeing clients/patients on Eligibility & other Information) And from there on my days working there made it Impossible to work I didnt want to go to work. But, I had to. I never have had any problems with patients I saw. I was a ""REFERRAL COORDINATOR"", All of the Physicaians liked me, I know my job very well! So, I continue to go to work the next several months. I went to my Supervisor,told her this but, didn't do much to help me. I at one time came home for Lunch, and cried for 2hrs. Called my boss to tell her I was not feeling well, she told me to get back to work, clean up, re-do my makeup and get back to work. I'm a woman that loves fashion and would dress Office attire, but, they would/women, look at me from head to toe. I feel I dont look my age!! As they say... ""YOU ARE AS YOUNG/GOOD AS YOU FEEL"". I wasn't a natural beauty, so I had to and still do have to work at my looks. I am now at home looking for work, and boy is it hard to find a job ! So,you see, not only kids,teens are being bullied but, adults as well. I have more of this to say, but the list is looong.. Not, sure if I should be saying anything about this.. I dont want to be sued) for talking about my story, but, felt I needed to add to list of BEING BULLIED!!..I thank you for your talk show and every talk show out there! The word (BULLIED) and the people that are being bullied.. HANG IN THERE! AND BE YOURSELF!.. Ladies, walk with your heads up down the hallways of your place of work !.... Thank you- from - Joann -AUSTIN,TEXAS

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