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Who is Jerry Springer? A brief biography about the talk show host


Jerry Springer was Born …:

… on February 13, 1944, in London, England. His parents, both Jewish, fled Nazi Germany before his birth.

Growing up with Jerry:

When he was five, he immigrated with his parents to the United States. They settled in Queens, New York, where Jerry was raised. After high school, Jerry attended Tulane University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. He followed that with a juris doctorate from Northwestern in 1968.

Jerry’s First Job & The Early Years:

p]Jerry built a successful legal and political career before become daytime TV’s “ringmaster.” He was a political campaign aide to Robert Kennedy, and a lawyer with a prominent Cincinnati, Ohio, law firm.

His political life began in 1970 with an unsuccessful run for Congress. That was followed by a success run for a seat on the Cincinnati City Council (he lost his job after it was discovered that he’d cavorted with a prostitute – he regained it when he came clean about his cavorting). He served one year as city mayor in 1977.

Perhaps prophetically, Jerry used his admission to paying for the services of the aforementioned prostitute in an ad for his bid for Governor. He wanted to show that he wasn’t afraid of the truth “even if it hurts.”

Becoming a Talk Show Host:

Jerry’s march to TV infamy began with a series of radio broadcasts on WEBN in Cincinnati while he was still mayor. Their popularity launched his television career – after his short term in office he became a reporter and commentator on WLWT-NBC in Cincinnati. No more than two years later, he’d climbed from a reporter at the lowest-rated TV station in town to the number one news anchor in the city.

His popularity boiled over and, when The Phil Donahue Show changed stations, The Jerry Springer Show debuted. It started off as a rather high-brown political program, with guests like Oliver North and Jesse Jackson. But the call of higher ratings pushed Jerry toward a more – low-brow – style.

What Does the Future Hold?:

Jerry’s role in entertainment continues to grow. His stint on the popular Dancing with the Stars has led to hosting duties on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. His show continues to plug along, still popular in the States with growing interest in other parts of the world.

And Just for Fun:

  • Was once mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • Commonly thought to portray himself in the movie Ringmaster, but really playing the “fictional” Jerry Farrelly.

  • Is the inspiration for the opera: Jerry Springer – The Opera.

  • Has played many versions of himself on TV shows like The X-Files and Roseanne.

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