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CBS This Morning

An overview of CBS’s morning news and talk program


Talk show host Charlie Rose

Talk show host Charlie Rose

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Title: CBS This Morning

CBS This Morning Anchors:


  • John Miller
  • Rebecca Jarvis
  • Jeff Glor
  • Lee Woodruff
  • Wynton Marsalis

Previous Anchors:

  • Mark McEwen (1987 - 1999)
  • Jane Robelot (1996 - 1999)
  • Harry Smith (1987 - 1996)
  • Paula Zahn (1990 - 1996)
  • Kathleen Sullivan (1987 - 1990)
  • Jose Diaz-Balart (news)
  • Cynthia Bowers (news)
  • Thalia Assuras (news)
  • Julie Chen (news)

Previous Contributors:

Previous Forecaster:

  • Craig Allen (1996 - 1999)

CBS This Morning Weekend Edition Anchors:

  • Rebecca Jarvis
  • Jeff Glor
  • Betty Nguyen
  • Lonnie Quinn

Format: Atypical of other morning news and talk programs, CBS This Morning attempts to take a harder news angle to its morning presentation. The first hour is a more typical news program, with hosts Rose and Hill, while the second hour is more lifestyle and feature reporting, with King and Hill.

Broadcast Information: CBS This Morning broadcasts live from Studio 57 at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday EST, and from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday EST.

Premiere Date: January 9, 2012

Brief History:

CBS hopes to turn around its long history of third place in the morning news and talk genre with its revival of CBS This Morning.

The original This Morning debuted in November 1987 and followed a format similar to its direct competitors, Good Morning America and The Today Show. Hosted by Harry Smith and Paula Zahn during its hey day, This Morning made a effort to attract a wider audience, but was never able to overcome its third place status. Even attempts at making the show more local, by turning over the 7 a.m. hour to local affiliates, didn't help.

In 1999, the show was canceled and replaced by The Early Show, a more loose and airy program that covered the news, but focused more on lifestyle and celebrity interviews. The Early Show, in some respects, attempted to take on The Today Show by emulating much of that's show's breezy tone, but the show never caught on.

The Early Show was cancelled in 2012 to make way for a new edition of This Morning, one that promised a completely new take on the morning show format.

Produced by Chris Licht, former producer of MSNBC's successful Morning Joe program, This Morning, 2012 edition, maintains none of the trappings of other morning news programs. Gone is the lovable weather forecaster and gone, for the most part, is the light banter and infotainment. Instead, Licht has crafted a tight news program for audience members who want hard news.

He's also switched up the way news is presented. Rather than two co-anchors who host the show throughout the morning, Licht has given the first hour to veteran interviewer and newscaster Charlie Rose and co-anchor Erica Hill to deliver news stories and analysis. The second hour is reserved for lighter fair, though not as light as counterparts on other programs. The second hour is presided over by Gayle King.

Another differentiator: lack of an audience. While other shows feature spectators outside studio windows or inside the studio, This Morning features neither, sticking to a cleaner and darker "news studio" set, with an in-the-round anchor desk and several monitors, and a working newsroom.

Anecdotally, Licht also placed an Oakland Athletics baseball cap in a conspicuous place on set to remind cast and crew of the film and book Moneyball. Both tell the story of Oakland A's former coach Billy Beane, who decided to take an uncommon approach to building a team and wound up with a winning team. Licht refers to This Morining as a sort of Moneyball of morning television.

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