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The Dr Oz Show

An Overview


The Dr Oz Show

Dr Oz dishes out sound medical advice.

David McNew/Getty Images

Title: The Dr. Oz Show

Host: Dr. Mehmet Oz

Format: One-hour, daytime talk show format

Network: Syndicated

Broadcasts: Weekdays, check local listings.

Tapes: Weekday afternoons

Premiere Date: September 14, 2009

Originating From: Studio 6A, Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, NY


The Dr. Oz Show originates from the same studio that once housed both Late Night with David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O’Brien, so Dr. Oz should benefit from a huge amount of positive talk show karma. But it’s not like Dr. Oz really needs it. He’s been a regular on The Oprah Winfrey Show for years.

In fact, Oprah’s production company, Harpo Productions, is producing the program. Beyond Oprah, Harpo has had a string of hits, including Emmy winner The Rachael Ray Show and Dr. Phil.

Dr. Oz promises to showcase the best of what the Doc doles out – sound medical advice themed around the individual. After all, that’s what has driven his successful RealAge and You series of self-help, medical advice books and online presence.

Previews of the show tout the theme – live longer, feel better, lose the belly fat, have greater sex. Guests are likely to include other medical experts, regular folks and, possibly, some celebrity guests from time to time. But the real thrust of the show will be dispelling rumors and giving sound advice.

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