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Sexiest Talk Show Moments

Sexy and sweet memories from some of our favorite talk shows


Can a talk show be sexy? I mean, sure, topical daytime talk shows like Dr. Oz and Anderson might discuss sex, but it's hardly ever sexy. That's clinical stuff. Nothing that gets the heart pounding.

And of course late night talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will invite celebrities who are considered sexy on to the program. But even the Jimmys know that talking to George Clooney or Emma Stone isn't sexy.

Sexy is that purely innocent moment that just crosses the boundary from amusing to arousing for a split second. And while there aren't many of them, even talk shows have their very sexy moments.

1. Drew Barrymore Dances for Dave

Actress Drew Barrymore
David Livingstone/Getty Images
Late Show host David Letterman got an unexpected birthday surprise in 1995 when he invited actress Drew Barrymore on the program. Barrymore, as cute and outgoing as she's ever been, asked if, for his birthday, she could do a dance for him. Letterman relented and Barrymore leapt up on his desk. After a few sways of her hips, Barrymore quickly flashed Dave. The cameras caught it all (from behind). Barrymore, giggling innocently and blushing visibly, raised her hands to the cheering crowd. Letterman sat stunned behind his desk - but in a good way. Barrymore gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek and hopped off the desk. Letterman later said it was "the best birthday present I've ever received."

2. Ellen DeGeneres Wins Victoria’s Secret Sexy Award

Getty Images/Ethan Miller
You gotta admit, Ellen is cute. And though Portia would say different, you probably wouldn't call her sexy. But Victoria's Secret, the famous lingerie vendor and dealer in all things sexy, did. VS awarded Ellen with its Sexiest Sense of Humor award in 2010. To celebrate the honor, Ellen invited supermodel Miranda Kerr on the show to learn a little bit about what it means to be sexy. "I'm honored to this award because it's hard to be sexy and funny at the same time," Ellen said. "Ask Gallagher." What makes this moment sexy, besides the wink at the end (watch the clip!)? Ellen's bubbly humor and the way it catches Kerr off guard.

3. Tyra Banks’ Strips to Her Skivvies – And So Does Her Audience

Former talk show host Tyra Banks
Getty Images
Seeing former talk show host Tyra Banks in her undies? No big deal. The woman was a Victoria's Secret model, after all. But when, during a show on being comfortable with your body, she asked her audience to strip down to their skivvies as well? Now that's something you don't see every day. When Banks' show was on the air, it was well known for its outlandish stunts, often involving some kind of PG-13 rated topic. And when this episode was teased, it felt like just another stunt. But what made this moment sexy was truly the diversity of the audience - small people, big people, tall people, short people, people comfortable in their skin, people nervous and quiet. You could get a sense, even on this show, how everyone is sexy in his or her own way. And the fact that Tyra was the least sexy person in their underwear that day says something about what is truly sexy.

4. Jennifer Aniston Ties Up Dave

Actress Jennifer Aniston
Frederick Brown/Getty Images
For whatever reason, Letterman gets lucky with the ladies. During a visit to the Late Show, actress Jennifer Aniston presented Dave with a small gift - a red, white and blue tie. But not just any tie. It was the same tie she wore during a photo shoot for GQ magazine. In fact, that tie was the ONLY thing Aniston wore in the photo shoot. What made the appearance sexy, though, was not Letterman showing off the photos to the world. Or that Aniston presented him with the tie. It was the way Dave tied the tie. Yes, Dave brought the sexy this time, rigging up a double knot that would make everyday desk jockeys cry.
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