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Find Your Favorite Late Night Talk Show Hosts on Social Media


Social media websites, like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, are quickly become must-have communication channels for everyone. Small businesses, big businesses, individuals, you name it - updating statuses and tweeting updates is the new way to connect to friends and colleagues.

And for talk show hosts, it's a way to easily and creatively connect with fans. If you're on social media and want to find your favorite late night talk show hosts and shows on social, here's a list to help you get started:

1. Chelsea Handler

Getty Images. Photo by Frederick M. Brown
You can find Chelsea Handler on Twitter at @chelseahandler. She has 5 million followers and tweets regularly. Over on Facebook, with 2 million subscribers, Handler is just as active, sharing pictures and updates. Find here here.

2. Charlie Rose

Talk show host Charlie Rose
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Both Charlie Rose and The Charlie Rose show tweet (at @charlierose and @charlieroseshow, respectively). Rose has about 36,000 followers.

3. Stephen Colbert

Alex Wong/Getty Images
You can find Stephen Colbert on Twitter at @stephenathome. Colbert clocks in 4 million followers at tweets far more one liners and silliness than show updates and plugs. For example: "I've been waiting by the phone all day, but still no call from Donald Trump."

4. Conan O’Brien

Getty Images
O'Brien is a one-liner tweeter, too. You can find him at @conanobrien. O'Brien has nearly 7 million followers. You won't find Conan, but you will find Team Coco. Coco keeps its 1.9 million fans up to date on the show.

5. Jon Stewart

Daily Show host Jon Stewart's accepts his 9th Emmy Award.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Stewart isn't personally on Twitter, but you will find The Daily Show at @TheDailyShow. The program has 1 million followers. You can also find The Daily Show on Facebook at this link.

6. Jimmy Kimmel

Getty Images
A mustachioed Jimmy Kimmel tweets at @jimmykimmel. The late night talk show host has 1.8 million followers. His tweets are a mix of show plugs and observational humor. Over on Facebook, Kimmel's presence is all about the show.

7. Carson Daly

Daly tweets at @CarsonDaly. His nearly 200,000 followers get a personal look into what Daly's thinking. His tweets are pretty personal.

8. Craig Ferguson

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Find Craig Ferguson at @CraigyFerg on Twitter. He has 1.4 million fans who enjoy absurd and wonderful tweets like, "Took a nap and dreamed I was US cultural attaché to Canada." About 247 fans tune in to see read the status updates on the Late Late Show's Facebook page.

9. Jimmy Fallon

Getty Images
Late Night host Jimmy Fallon tweets at @jimmyfallon. Super popular because of his frequent and personal tweets about his life and behind-the-scenes at the show, Fallon has 6.8 million followers. Jimmy Fallon's Facebook page reads a lot like his personal page (not that I've read his personal page). He has 645 thousand subscribers who pick up on his status updates.

10. David Letterman

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
Fans of David Letterman might be surprised to learn he doesn't tweet. Or maybe they won't. But the show does maintain a robust Facebook page, keeping its 371 thousand fans locked in to what its up to.
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