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Michael Strahan Biography

A brief snapshot of ‘Live’ host Michael Strahan


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Talk Show Host Michael Strahan

Jeff R. Bottari/Getty Images Entertainment

Pro sports and talk shows haven't mixed well in the past (anyone remember Magic Johnson and his foray into late night?), but that hasn't stopped former NFL player Michael Anthony Strahan from giving it a try. And after several guest spots on Live with Kelly, it looks like Strahan will get the chance to make it a full time gig.

It is expected that Strahan will be named the next permanent co-host of Live with Kelly on Sept. 4, 2012.

Strahan was born Nov. 21, 1971, in Houston, Texas, to a military family. His father, Gene, was an Army major, and his career took Strahan, his mother and his six older siblings to Mannheim, Germany, when he was only 9 years old.

And while his athletic abilities surely manifested during his time in Germany, he didn't get serious about sports - and about football in particular - until he was in high school. And it was at that time that his father sent him back to the States to live with his uncle in Houston so that he could attend Westbury High School. Playing football for the school during his senior year was just enough to qualify him for a scholarship to Texas Southern University.

After winter passed, he went back to his family in Germany and graduated from Mannheim Christian Academy.

Football Rules
When fall rolled around, Strahan returned to Texas and Texas Southern University, where he hit the field full steam. He was an unstoppable defensive end, dominating opponents and drawing the full gaze of NFL scouts. By his senior year, he was easily making the All-America first team lists of a half-dozen publications.

He was drafted by the New York Giants in 1993, a season in which he only played nine games before suffering a season ending injury. It was a slow road back to the dominance he once enjoyed, but by 1997 Strahan was once more in the spotlight, recording 14 unbelievable sacks.

In subsequent seasons, Strahan would break that personal best a number of times, setting the NFL record at least once, and helping the Giants march to not one, but two Super Bowls.

Strahan retired on top. After 15 seasons with the Giants, Strahan managed to set the franchise record for sacks at 133.5 and participate in an unforgettable Super Bowl, which saw the Giants beat the undefeated New England Patriots 17 to 14.

Career change
Even during his years as a pro football player, Strahan has had a penchant for having fun on screen. His first forays into endorsements would see him in cleverly written commercials and funny spots on popular sports talk shows.

His first hosting duties came as host of Backyard Stadiums on the DIY Network. Strahan would follow a team of contractors who would design playing fields in the backyards of everyday fans.

Then, after retiring from the game, Strahan joined Fox NFL Sunday as one of its pre-game hosts. It's a gig he intends on keeping even after he joins Kelly Ripa on stage.

He also produced and co-starred in the short-lived Fox sitcom Brothers in which he played a fictional version of himself named Michael Trainor. His character moves back to Houston and is forced to get along with his estranged brother at his parents' insistence.

Strahan began co-hosting Live in October 2010 and quickly became a regular substitute co-host. He proved to not only be smart and affable, but quite the quick wit.

It was expected that his appointment as co-host would be announced as a surprise the same day he would start, but news outlets broke the story early. Live representatives have neither confirmed nor denied that Strahan is the next host of the 25-year-old talk show.

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