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10 Most Annoying Talk Show Hosts of All Time


Here's the thing. Being a talk show host is difficult. It takes a certain breed to do it right, to pull it off, and to make it work. Just because you are a great comedian, stellar athlete, talented actor or supermodel doesn't mean you will instantly be a great, stellar, talented or super talk show host. It doesn't even mean you'll be adequate. And that's annoying. It's annoying to the critics and to the fans and to the hardworking men and women who consider hosting a talk show a craft. So with that reason alone, we give you the Top 10 Most Annoying Talk Show Hosts of All Time (in alphabetical order).

1. Tyra Banks

Getty Images

Okay, okay, I know, I know. Banks is uber-popular and her talk show was a smash hit. In fact, it continues in reruns even after Banks bowed out of her hosting duties in 2010. So perhaps The Tyra Banks Show succeeded because it was like watching a train wreck in progress. Her topics were almost always prurient or conceived for shock value (with titles like "I'm Desperate to Get Rich Off My Kids" and "If He's Married, I Want Him"). And her investigative undercover reports produced more mockery than revelation.

2. Roseanne Barr

Comedian Roseanne Barr
Andrew Walker/Getty Images
Roseanne Barr. Legendary comedian and sit-com star. Not so legendary talk show host. Barr's program, The Roseanne Show, ran for two seasons on CBS in the late 1990s and was notable for the combination of Roseanne's nasally delivery and general self-indulgence. Roseanne fans love her, though, and loved the show. A fan page lives on Facebook, where you can see clips and talk about the long since canceled program. It's eventual demise came about as many such programs do. Roseanne never gained an audience that could sustain the show.

3. Chevy Chase

comedian chevy chase
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Chevy's talk show is infamously known as one of the worst talk shows in television history. The Chevy Chase Show ran for five weeks on Fox in 1993 before the network pulled the plug. Chalk this one up to wrong venue for an otherwise talented comedian - often the case in short-lived and deeply criticized talk shows. Chase told Time in 2007 that he'd never do a talk show again. And the TV Guide Network chalks it up as one of the top 20 biggest blunders on television. The show hurt his career for a number of years, but Chase is on the comeback trail, starring in NBC's hit show Community and stealing scenes in the cult hit Hot Tub Time Machine.

4. Magic Johnson

magic johnson
Elsa/Getty Images
Call it a summer experiment. The Magic Hour, starring NBA All-Star and legend Magic Johnson, ran for four months in 1998 in syndication. The show never caught on, reviewers cringed at Johnson's style and in-fighting rocked the boat (Johnson's sidekick, Craig Shoemaker, allegedly called the show a "nightmare"). A ratings stunt involving Howard Stern coming on as a guest generally backfired - Stern took over the interview and embarrassed the host and producers - and after eight weeks, the program was no more.

5. Craig Kilborn

craig kilborn
Frederick Brown/Getty Images
The original host of The Daily Show and predecessor to Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show, Craig Kilborn remains one of the smarmiest talk show hosts to ever grace the TV landscape. Like Banks, Kilborn is a talk show success, but his style is sometimes a hard one to swallow, since the actor/comedian seems to prefer returning the spotlight to his desk rather than the guest's chair. So chalk this one up to personal preference - and the fact that his predecessors, Jon Stewart and Ferguson, respectively, took those shows to new and impressive heights.

6. Jay Leno

Photo courtesy of Getty Images
The man stole The Tonight Show twice. Allegedly. And that's annoyed a lot of people ever since.

7. Sharon Osbourne

Getty Images/Frederick Brown
Sharon Osbourne, the better half to rocker Ozzy Osbourne and mom to TV darling Kelly Osbourne, tried her hand at hosting a talk show in 2006. This was at one of the Osbournes' peaks - after a stellar run in a basic cable reality program. But bad ratings, random guests and terrible reviews knocked the show out in less than two months. Osbourne has bounced back, however, starring as co-host of the popular CBS talk show The Talk.

8. Pat Sajak

Wheel of Fortune game show host Pat Sajak
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images
Someone somewhere thought that if you could host one type of show, you should be able to host another. That must be why game show host Pat Sajak became talk show host Pat Sajak in 1989. While it's difficult to call Sajak annoying - or even his show annoying, as it was able to last nearly two seasons, it is annoying that Sajak's show turned hosting duties over to conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh during its final weeks. Limbaugh's popularity in those final weeks led to his highly rated syndicated program.

9. Alexandra Wentworth and 10. Jack Ford

Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Living it Up! with Ali & Jack lasted almost seven months before it got the ax. Hosts Alexandra Wentworth and Jack Ford gave the coffee talk genre their best shot, but they just couldn't compete with Live with Regis & Kelly. The show received the worst ratings of any new syndicate show that year and quickly left our collective airwaves. Wentworth gets points for being a friend of Oprah, often appearing on her program.
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