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About Daytime Talk Show Programs


Dr. Phil

When it comes to dishing advice, Dr. Phil McGraw has the competition beat. Get this: He’s an actual doctor (psychologist) with real world experience. And while his critics call his advice simplistic, his popularity and fan-base suggest otherwise. His no-nonsense advice drills to the heart of his guests, and his Southern twang is simultaneously accessible and ripe for imitation. Topics range from marital woes to taboo subjects – and almost nothing is off limits.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, or "Elllllen", as fans of the opening song may know it, has become hugely popular since its debut in 2003. For those who enjoy a funny, offbeat tour of Celebrityville, as well as Regulartown, “Ellen” is the place to be.

The Greg Behrendt Show

Greg Behrendt, comedian and best-selling author of "He's Just Not That Into You", hosts "The Greg Behrendt Show", a one-hour talk show, best described as a cross between "The Man Show" and "Dr. Phil". The program tackles everyday issues from romantic relationships to parental relationships and everything in-between. If Behrendt doesn’t have an answer, he’ll go looking for one.

The Jerry Springer Show

What else can you say about The Jerry Springer Show? It is a vile, horrible waste of television, but so incredibly addicting that a casual viewer will be seductively drawn in and wrapped up in whatever garbage is being spewed. In a word that I’d like to coin right her, Springer is “talkertainment.”


There was a time when shows like Maury thrived on daytime television. Their guests were loud, proud, crude and rude. The topic? Prurient and base. Everyone was following Jerry Springer, even Oprah, and Maury Povich was no different. And though toned down, he still airs his guests’ dirty laundry for all of the world to see. Maury might be worth a visit now and then, but don’t linger too long.

The Montel Williams Show

In Montel Williams’ early hosting days, his show was a lot like the other shows in daytime – bombastic, over-the-top and little more than televised crash for rubberneckers to gawk over. My how times have changed. Today, Montel’s program is toned down, much more issue focused, and softer on the edges. He still explores the fringe – psychic Sylvia Brown is a regular guest – but overall, he show has come a long way.

The Oprah Winfrey Show

The Oprah Winfrey Show is one of the most influential and the longest running daytime talk shows in television history, 20 years, renewed through its 25th season in 2011. It’s host, Oprah Winfrey, is one of the most influential and powerful broadcast figures on the planet. Her show can sway public opinion and her philanthropy can change lives. There’s little doubt: Oprah is the benchmark on which all other daytime programs measure their success.

The Rachael Ray Show

Rachael Ray is well-known for her kitchen skills, and creative cooking will is a cornerstone of ‘The Rachael Ray Show’. But it includes familiar talk show elements, such as celebrity guests, interview segments, and hot topics. The show is produced by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions.

The Tyra Banks Show

‘The Tyra Banks Show,’ featuring popular talk show host and model, Tyra Banks, has quickly become a must see program for talk show fans far and wide. Find all the latest news, info, pictures, and more.

TRL-Total Request Livel

MTV’s TRL – Total Request Live is the place to see the hottest rock bands, hear the latest music and view the buzziest videos

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