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Top 5 Talk Show Predictions for 2013

Let’s see what the new year holds for our favorite talk shows


Top 5 Talk Show Predictions for 2013
Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

As 2012 winds down, we shut the door on the old and take a glimpse into the future. What will 2013 hold for our favorite talk shows, both late night and daytime? It's anyone's guess. So we might as well take a guess, right? Here are our top 5 predictions for what will happen in the world of talk in 2013.

Daytime Talk Reaches a Tipping Point
After The Oprah Winfrey Show left the air in 2011, a plethora of new daytime talk shows popped up to fill the space. Shows like Katie, Ricki Lake, The Steve Harvey Show and The Jeff Probst Show.

There's no slowing down in 2013. Besides The Bethenny Frankel Show, which may be the cause of the first daytime talk show fatality, Anderson Live, Queen Latifah will join the ranks of daytime talk. And as we work our way through the spring, we're sure to learn of new talk shows ready to take a shot at daytime success.

But it's got to hit a tipping point. And 2013 is it. By the summer, expect a number of daytime casualties. We think both The Jeff Probst Show and Steve Harvey will be gone by then.

Kimmel Tops Letterman and Leno
On Jan. 8, Jimmy Kimmel Live will move from its midnight time slot to 11:35 p.m., going head-to-head with The Tonight Show and the Late Show. How will Kimmel fair? We bet way better than expected. Kimmel will quickly capture the 18 to 34 demographic - the Millennials who don't connect with Letterman and won't connect with Leno. (Gen Xers are caught between Conan and Letterman, but will plug into Kimmel, too, from time to time.) That'll spell some surprise wins for Jimmy in 2013 and give ABC a reason to consider a follow-up talk show at 12:35 to compete with Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon. Adam Carolla anyone? Or maybe Kimmel's old flame Sarah Silverman?

The Ensemble Talk Show Fades Away
For a while, it looked like the next fad in daytime talk (and with hybrid shows like Bill Maher and Chelsea Lately, late night, too) would be the ensemble talk show. The View pioneered the genre, creating a show with a diverse group of co-hosts interviewing guests and talking hot topics from a variety of angles. Then The Doctors and The Chew took the concept a step further, building a theme around the co-hosts - medicine and food, respectively. Neither have taken off with the same kind of power both The View and The Talk enjoy. To that end, don't expect any new ensemble shows in 2013 - or 2014 for that matter. In fact, we'll be surprised if The Chew makes it to 2014.

More Women Make In-Roads in Late Night
Late night talk show hosts are predominately male, and have been for decades. Some women have given the late night world a shot - Joan Rivers and Wanda Sykes, included. But only recently has a female talk show host stuck her flag in the sand and stayed put: Chelsea Handler. For a while, we've expected the big networks to court Handler in an attempt to pull her away from E! and into the major leagues. Fox, in particular, seems the most likely. Will this year see Handler make a move? Or could this be the year that the next major female voice is finally heard in late night TV? I mean, 30 Rock is coming to an end. Would Tina Fey consider a late night show?

Daytime Format Finds Life in Late Night
Because there are so many topical daytime talk shows flooding the market, it is inevitable that the format - hot topics, lifestyle and relationship issues, and so forth - finds life in late night. Expect at least one major voice you'd expect to see in daytime kickstart a show after 11 p.m., likely on basic cable. Oprah and Rosie already started giving it a shot. Who will be next?

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