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Best Talk Show Awards 2011

Readers choose their favorite talk show, hosts in inaugural poll


Best Talk Show Awards 2011

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres accepts the People's Choice Award for Favorite Talk Show Host.

Getty Images/Michael Caulfield

About Talk Show readers responded to the inaugural Talk Show Awards poll, voting for "Best Talk Show," "Best Daytime Talk Show Host," "Best Late Night Talk Show Host," "Best Talk Show Band," and "Best Talk Show Sidekick." More than 220 readers voted in the poll.

Best Talk Show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Voters picked Ellen as their overall favorite talk show, with 23 percent of the vote going to the daytime show. Runners up included Late Show with David Letterman (15 percent) and Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (12 percent). Jimmy Kimmel Live finished last with 1 percent.

Best Late Night Talk Show Host: Craig Ferguson
Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson ran away with poll, receiving 40 percent of the vote. Runners-up included David Letterman (15 percent) and Jay Leno (13 percent).

Best Daytime Talk Show Host: Ellen DeGeneres
Along with Best Talk Show, Ellen host Ellen DeGeneres goes home with Best Daytime Talk Show Host. She won overwhelming with 38 percent of the vote. Runners-up include Oprah Winfrey (16 percent) and Kelly Ripa (11 percent).

Best Talk Show Band: Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra
Late Show music director Paul Shaffer and his world renowned band, The CBS Orchestra, beat up on the competition, taking home 47 percent of the vote. Runners-up include The Roots (21 percent) and Tony Okungbowa (13 percent).

Best Talk Show Sidekick: Andy Richter
Conan sidekick Andy Richter stole the poll with 57 percent of the vote. Runners-up include Chuy Bravo (35 percent) and Dicky Barett (7 percent).

Best Talk Show Awards were tabulated over a two-week period beginning Feb. 14 and ending Feb. 27.

Full results (and continued voting, if you'd like):

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