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Top 5 Recurring Segments on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’

A short list of some of the most popular comedy sketches on ‘Late Night’


Top 5 Recurring Segments on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Viewers of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon are treated to a smorgasbord of comedy skits, sketches and recurring segments. And Fallon, a Gen Xer, social media expert and music fan, is always coming up with something new and different.

One of the most popular segments is Late Night Hashtags, sometimes called #latenight Hashtags. For the uninitiated, a hashtag is a way to highlight tweets and content on the social media site, Twitter. Late Night Hashtags occurs every week. And that's what makes it recurring.

And even now, you might be asking yourself, "What's a recurring segment anyway?"

Put simply, it's a comedy bit - either a sketch, routine or gag - that the talk show and host returns to regularly. Johnny Carson had Carnac the Magician. David Letterman popularized Stupid Pet Tricks and the Top 10 List.

Late Night has its own stable of classic routines. If you're a fan, you have your favorite. But if you're new to the show, how do catch up on the joke? Start here, with 5 of the most popular recurring segments and short description of each:

  • Pros & Cons
    One of the more recent recurring moments on Late Night is Pros & Cons. A traditional behind-the-desk segment, P&C finds Fallon providing a list of good and bad things about a certain topic. For example, Fallon covered the pros and cons of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He pointed out how great it would be to see balloons like Sonic the Hedgehog and Buzz Lightyear. Then said that it was too bad this wasn't 1993.
  • Thank You Notes
    Every Friday, Fallon catches up on personal business, like answering email and reading his emails and such. That includes writing thank you notes to deserving individuals. Of course, the "thank yous" are hardly sincere and often verge on sarcastic and chastising. They're usually addressed to newsmakers and celebrities, but sometimes inanimate objects are sent notes as well. Examples include, "Thank you, souvenirs, for being a warm reminder of a time I wasted $10 on souvenirs," and "Thank you, "No smoking" signs on airplanes, for letting me know that my life depends on an aircraft that hasn't been updated since 1980."
  • Slow Jam the News
    One of the first and most popular segments after Fallon took over Late Night from former host Conan O'Brien, Slow Jam the News finds Fallon singing headlines in a style of a slow jam - easy blues with a touch of R & B. Topics "slow jammed" included the Occupy Wall Street movement, the 2010 health care bill and the California budget crisis.
  • Song parodies
    It's hard to give this "segment" a title. After all, it's less a segment and more regular feature - comedic parodies of popular songs and popular artists. That includes the two hit medleys Fallon performed with pop artist and actor Justin Timberlake. But this also includes Fallon's many impersonations of rock and roll hall of famer Neil Young singing versions of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" and LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It." He also gained headlines for his impersonation of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, singing a version of "Space Oddity" focused on NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. That first song, called 'Tebowie', was release as a 7" vinyl record in 2012.

Fallon is also known for his many TV show parodies - possibly a good idea for another article. These include Downtown Sixbey, a parody of Downtown Abbey and several Steel Channel shows, including Ultimate Mustache Fighter, Kicking Stuff and Sports Freak-Out. The shows, as you can imagine, are based on male-centric shows on channels like Spike and FX.

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