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‘Good Morning America LIVE!’

An overview of the online talk show that follows GMA behind-the-scenes


Journalist and host Lara Spencer.

Journalist and host Lara Spencer.

Andrew Walker/Getty Images

Title: Good Morning America LIVE!

Hosts: Josh Elliot, Lara Spencer, Elizabeth Vargas, Sam Champion, Amy Robach

Format: Fifteen-minute online behind-the-scenes talk shows

Broadcast Information: Good Morning America LIVE! is broadcast online, on Good Morning America's official site.

Premiere Date: December 10, 2012

Brief History:

Throughout 2012, the battle for morning news-talk supremacy has brewed between Good Morning America on ABC and The Today Show on NBC.

For more than a decade (or two) The Today Show has dominated the ratings, and that domination has led the show to extended its broadcast from two hours to three - and then to four. GMA continued on in its two-hour block, battling from deep in second place to a close second place until, earlier in 2012, GMA overtook The Today Show on more than one occasion to claim first place.

That gave both shows reason to pause. The Today Show took time to reflect on how it had lost is grip on No. 1 - and GMA wondered how it might extend its blossoming brand.

The first step GMA took was to give afternoons a shot with Good Afternoon America. The show was meant to fill a gap between the recently cancelled ensemble talk show, The Revolution, and the upcoming new daytime talk show hosted by former news anchor and popular Today co-host Katie Couric, Katie.

Good Afternoon America was a lighter version of the morning program, focused more on celebrities, musical guests, pop culture news and a regular helping of lifestyle and health stories - with the option of covering major news events should they happen. I

n many ways, the show reflected Today's fourth hour, hosted by Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. That hour, though connected to Today, looks and feels much different than the show that precedes it.

The show, hosted by Josh Elliot and Lara Spencer, was successful. Successful enough that GMA wondered how it could capitalize on that popularity after the show completed its short, two-month run.

And that is how - we're speculating - Good Morning America Live! was born.

Good Morning America Live, hosted by Elliot and Spencer, is broadcast immediately after GMA's morning show. The show's focus: reflecting on the events of the morning broadcast, providing a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at life on GMA.

The major difference between this extension of GMA and Today's expansion is that Good Morning America Live is broadcast exclusively online.

Fans can log on to a href=http://gma.yahoo.com/>Good Morning America's official site right after the program to see what's up on GMA Live. They will find daily co-hosts relaxed, ties loosened and commentary more conversational than usual.

The show's anchors and contributors will vary from day to day. The show will also feature special guests from the ABC family of shows. It will feature pop-culture news to trending topics and lifestyle tips. And viewers will be encouraged to join the conversation by logging on to Facebook and Twitter. Special polling features will add to viewer interactivity.

"This is a chance for our gang to put their feet up and bring everyone backstage right after we get off the air. We are going to have a great time pulling back the curtain a bit," said Tom Cibrowski, Good Morning America's senior executive producer in a press release.

Good Morning America Live joins a growing host of exclusive online content provided by both daytime and late night talk shows.

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