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Talk Show Topics for The Dr. Phil Show


Talk Show Topics for The Dr. Phil Show

If you’re interested in being a guest on The Dr. Phil Show, review the talk show topics below that Dr. Phil will soon create a show around and see if any fit the story you want to tell.

Then visit Dr. Phil’s ‘Be on the Show’ page and fill out a guest application!

Upcoming Topics

  • Do You Have Deal Breaker In Your Relationship?
  • Most Controversial Story in Your Town!
  • Do You Need Legal Advice?
  • Is Your Child a Beauty Queen?
  • Moms Ask: What's Your Current Parenting Dilemma?
  • Know Someone Who Needs Parenting Skills?
  • Teen Talk
  • Best Parenting Advice Ever?
  • Emotional Eater?
  • Give Me a Kid -- Or Else!
  • Are You Spying on Your Spouse?
  • Is This the Last Straw in Your Relationship?
  • Do You Have a Question for our Plastic Surgeon?
  • Need Help Settling A Dispute?
  • Are You Trapped by Your Toxic Past?
  • Think Your Coworkers Are Rude?
  • Who’s Right???
  • Why? We want to know why you left your career...
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