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Katie: The Katie Couric Show

An overview of the new daytime talk show


Future talk show host Katie Couric.
Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Getty Images

Title: Katie

Host: Katie Couric

Produced by: Disney/ABC

Format: One-hour interview

Broadcast Info: Syndicated

Tapes: TBD

Premiere Date: September 2012


Katie Couric, former co-host of The Today Show and former anchor of The CBS Evening News, announced on June 6, 2011, that she will host a new daytime talk show. The talk show, which we are guessing will be titled The Katie Couric Show, will debut in 2012.

In these extremely early hours of the show's design, programming sounds typical of most daytime programs - and vaguely like the very early editions of Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey. The Katie Couric Show also sounds like it could be a direct competitor with daytime's other big news-anchor-turned-talk-show-host, Anderson Cooper.

The show will be "serious at times, obviously informative and fun. Really, a mixture of things we hope people will be interested in," says Couric in an interview with Reuters. It's expected to focus on human interest stories, some entertainment pieces and will spotlight Couric's natural interview ability. Couric underscores that it will not be a news show, though she mentioned as an example possibly interviewing a Navy Seal after Osama bin Laden's death. Or, less seriously, but just as intriguing, why can't powerful men like Arnold Schwarzenegger keep it in their pants?

Couric does mention that she doesn't want the show pigeon-holed before it's even on the air (which I guess is what we're doing by writing about it so early).

"I think the beauty of this show is that it can be all sorts of different things," she says in the interview. "If there's a celebrity that's doing something really interesting …. If someone has a really fun, interesting movie coming out, that's something that we'd want to do."

Couric will also play a small role on the ABC News' team, and may anchor a number of primetime specials.

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