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Anderson Guest Schuedule


Anderson Guest Schuedule

New talk show host Anderson Cooper

Jamel Countess/Getty Images

Anderson, hosted by journalist Anderson Cooper, airs weekdays in syndication. Check your local listings to find out when Anderson is on in your area.

Monday, September 2

  • All-New: Marilu Henner / Cast of 'Forever Young' / Woman Claims She Went to Heaven

Tuesday, September 3

  • ALL-NEW: 'Anderson Live' Undercover: Entire Hour of Hidden-Camera Investigations

Wednesday, September 4

  • True Crime Caught on Tape: Video Vigilantes Solve Crimes / Co-Host Padma Lakshmi

Thursday, September 5

  • Co-Host Kathy Griffin / 'Anderson Live' Undercover: Do Car Dealers Rip Off Women?

Friday, September 6

  • All-New: 3 Ways to Get Out of Debt on Just $10 a Day / 'Which Andy Was It?'
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