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Anderson Overview

Everything you wanted to know about Anderson Coooper's talk show


Anderson Overview

New talk show host Anderson Cooper

Jamel Countess/Getty Images

Fast Facts

Title: Anderson

Host: Anderson Cooper

Format: Traditional one-hour daytime "current events" talk show format.

Broadcast information: Syndicated.

Tapes: Will likely tape in New York City (Cooper owns more than one home in New York).

Premiere Date: September 2011


CNN's Anderson Cooper has secured syndication deals on more than 40 stations for his Fall 2011 daytime talk show Anderson. The show promises to be a throw-back to shows like Donahue, hosted by retired talker Phil Donahue, but mixing up the emotion that Oprah delivers so well. Don't expect the hard news Cooper delivers on CNN. Anderson's focus is on water cooler chat - with, apparently, some undercover investigation and hidden-camera experiments tossed in.

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