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Anderson Cooper Biography

A short bio about journalist and talk show host Anderson Cooper


Anderson Cooper Biography

New talk show host Anderson Cooper

Jamel Countess/Getty Images

Hunky celebrity reporter Anderson Cooper was born on June 3, 1967, as Anderson Hays Vanderbilt Cooper. He's the son of writer Wyatt Cooper and - more notably - outspoken artist and fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt. Cooper had an older brother, Carter, who committed suicide in 1988. His suicide sparked Cooper's interest in journalism.

He was a student of The Dalton School, a private school in New York, and attended Yale University, studying political science and international relations. He graduated in 1989, but not before interning with the CIA. Rather than stick with the agency, he pursued a career as a journalist.

But it wasn't easy. In fact, Cooper couldn't even get in the door at ABC. So he forged a press pass and, using some trust fund money, one presumes, hopped a plane to war torn Burma. There he met with rebels fighting the Burmese government, created news reports, and sold them to his employer at the time, Channel One, an in-school TV network for school-aged children. That success led to more field reports from war zones across the globe - and a gig at ABC, where he first tried to work.

There, Cooper worked as a correspondent and co-anchor on ABC's World News Now. He even branched out, become host of ABC's reality game show - and Survivor challenger, The Mole. He even sat in as substitute co-host of Live with Regis and Kelly.

He returned to news reporting after 9/11, joining cable news network CNN. He began as a morning anchor and moved to weekend prime-time anchor after some time. He became the anchor of the popular Anderson Cooper 360 in 2003. There he became the epitome of his news anchor philosophy: Be yourself, admit what you don't know, talk about what you know.

After his award winning - and ratings winning - coverage of Hurricane Katrina, Cooper was named co-anchor of CNN's NewsNight. That is, until his 360 was expanded to include the NewsNight hour.

The next phase for Cooper seems to be talk show host, as his syndicated Anderson will hit airwaves in 2011.

Fun Facts

  • Modeled for magazines as a baby, including Harper's Bazaar, and continued modeling until he was 13 years old.
  • Has two half-brothers: Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski and Christopher Stokowski .
  • Has homes on Long Island and in New York City.
  • Suffers from mild dyslexia.
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