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Thomas Tennant

Thomas Tennant

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Tom Tennant has more than a 15 years experience in both film and television production and entertainment journalism. He is a long-time talk show fanatic who has now lived through TWO Arsenio Hall shows.


Tom is a professional writer and communications specialist with nearly 20 years experience in content and digital marketing, journalism, and public relations. His experience includes work in the film industry as a production assistant, in script development and as an assistant to the producer. Today, he works 9 to 5 as the digital marketing lead at a leading software company in Cleveland. Tom has followed the talk show industry since the early 1980s and became enamored with the politics of production and promotion after David Letterman's departure from NBC in the early 1990s. His interest and expertise may weigh more on the side of late night television, but the world of daytime talk shows is just as fascinating to him.


Tom has a bachelor's degree in professional television production and screenwriting from Ohio University.

By Thomas Tennant:

I've been a fan of late night talk shows since I was a little boy, sneaking out of my bedroom and downstairs to see Johnny Carson deliver his monologue and trade barbs with Ed McMahon. I studied the format in college and tried my hand at producing a talk show as a senior level project. And I have admired the way today's talk show hosts captain their programs, anchoring them to the shows that came before them, while steering them towards a future we've yet to see. Especially considering the sway digital and social media is changing the way we watch TV. And being funny all the way.

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