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Thomas Tennant

Talk Shows Celebrate Valentine’s Day

By February 11, 2008

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Hopefully today finds you ahead of the game, with all your Valentine’s Day plans shored up, gifts bought, and cards signed. If not, get thee to the local florist!

If you don’t have a special Valentine this year, don’t fret. You can always celebrate with some of our favorite talk show hosts. Here’s what some have in store to mark Thursday’s holiday:

  • The ladies over at The View have to be cooking up something good, what with the sultry Kathleen Turner as a guest. Don’t worry. They balance out the show with the Michael Emerson, who portrays the uber-creepy Ben Linus on ABC’s Lost.
  • Ellen DeGeneres welcomes VH1’s Bret Michaels to the show. He’s the hair band rock star host of Rock of Love.
  • The Montel Williams Show serves up "Valentine’s Day: Love Against the Odds.” In typical sensational daytime talk show style, we encounter Internet love between old high school sweethearts and a woman who falls for the man who was the organ recipient of her deceased husband’s heart. Yeah, you read that right.
  • Never one to pass up an opportunity, Tyra Banks asks "Will You Marry Me?”. You can probably guess what this episode is all about: Men confess their love for their ladies - and propose!
  • The day after Valentine’s Day, The Oprah Winfrey Show gives us "How to Look Good Naked.” As the title implies, fashion/self-help guru Carson Kressley does his best to transform the way people feel about themselves from the underwear on up.
  • Finally, for those who consider Valentine’s Day the perfect opportunity to wear black, Dr. Phil gives you "Lies and Betrayal”. This one’s all about people who discover the men and women they’ve married are not at all the people they thought they were. Cheaters, liars, con men. What a way to end the day!

And if you’re in the mood for something completely different, check out this week’s schedules.


October 1, 2008 at 12:03 am
(1) Inga Graham says:

Hello. Watch your show as much as I can and enjoy it very much. My adult son was assaulted on 9 /08 out side of a neighborhood friendly local bar. I have two son’s, two step son’s and one step-daughter and out off all of them I am surprised to have heard that he was the one knocked down to the grown without so much as throwing a defensive punch. This son took 9 years of karate self defense training, brown belt degree, Army Air Born, Pair a shooter and is very well trained in self defense. So to my demise, I received the dreading call telling me that my son was in the emergency department all night with a broken nose, torn cornea, fractured cheek boon and orbit and fractured leg/ankle. The reason that I notify you is that this son has for the most part raised his four children all of 10 and 12 months apart on his own. His x-wife suffered from Bipolar and he has tried to run his own business out of his house to be able to raise his children and be at home with them. He as a small business owner he could not afford medical health insurance so he now finds himself without medical care and still needs medical attention for these injuries and finds himself with out anyone accepting to treat him for most of his injuries. So what can he do? Wait to sue this man who assaulted him to get his care or? We don’t know what to do, he went to a doctor about his fractured leg and they will not set it until he comes up with $7, 00.00 to start the care. Well we don’t have it, what can we do? Thought about your shows and how you get people help. I write to you in help for his medical care, nothing more. Maybe you can do a show on how people” men” who find themselves victims of assaults? Strangely enough, we have one more family member’s who over a year ago who was also a young man who was shocked by being assaulted and enquired facial injuries as well as another male friend who a few years ago was assaulted by three men with baseball bats and assaulted. This man almost died and is almost blind as to injuries to the head and face and how he lost all of his way of normal life and had to adjust to a new way of life. All of the things that he and they can no longer do because of their assaulters who just “gets mad and over reacts” or just looking for a fun time? Seems like a good story to me, male victims who are lives have drastically changed and how that affected their manly hood and lives. My son, he is loosing everything and they will all be looking to move in to a shelter? OC life quickly changing. Please think about a show and maybe some medical help for my son and his family? What do male victims do when they are in need of medical care and help?
Thank you
Inga Graham

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